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ugh my fone wont let me draw in tha little unlock code.. why!!Support

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  2. USCellularAndroid

    USCellularAndroid Well-Known Member

    can you explain more in detail?

    you sent your unlock pattern by doing the following...

    menu button - settings- location and security - set unlock pattern. Then you just select the custom pattern you want and your good to go.
  3. louis felton

    louis felton New Member

    my us celluar samsung acclaim is locked and its askin for a google account which i forgot so how can i unlock my phone
  4. louis felton

    louis felton New Member

    need unlock code
  5. SammyAcclaim

    SammyAcclaim Well-Known Member

    If you set the unlock code and you don't remember what it is then you can only unlock it by knowing the google account information you used to setup the phone with. If you do not remember that than you should take your phone into a US Cellular store. I don't think there is much they can do about it besides just factory reset the phone but I might be wrong about that.

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