Uh Oh Broke my screen

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  1. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    And I was thinking of returning it. What do you think AT&T will do for me now? I paid full retail and in my 30 day window. I dont want another Aria for sure. Too small and delicate. I would like to return it and my credit card credited. If push comes to shove you think they will give me problems and try to force me to take another Aria? Worse case scenario I was thinking is that I ask for store credit and get the Samsung Captivate.

  2. MarcMaiden

    MarcMaiden Well-Known Member

    Try to get it returned. The 30day window + 1 year warranty does not cover broken screens, but since you are in the 30 day window, you can try buying insurance for it and getting a replacement phone that way. or, you can just see if they will make exceptions. sometimes they do, but every at&t is different
  3. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    I don't understand how you have a 30 day window if you paid full retail?
  4. SteveJobCutLine4myLiver

    SteveJobCutLine4myLiver Well-Known Member

    i bought mine full price and 30 day return policy applies to me. $35 restocking fee if you return it but you CAN get the insurance over the website. so better do it before time runs out.
  5. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    oh... I thought that exclusion was based on the contractual obligation. Not too many products out there with a "i just didn't like it" return policy. Wish video games had that... damn DMCA!

    So how'd you break it anyway?
  6. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    So from the replies so far I'm going to have to try to get insurance on it to get a replacement? Is there a replacement fee? I guess I'm going to have to keep the Aria and thats if I can get insurance on it or else I'm SOL? Goodbye Droid X, Goodbye Samsung Captivate. :(

    It was in my blanket, got up from the couch, threw the blanket off of me, phone flew over the couch behind me and hit the hard floor. :(

    Should've bought that rubber case.
  7. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    technically, I believe that the suggestions of getting insurance are a bit of trickery on your end (with just a dash of fraud) which will only offset the cost of a replacement unit. You'll still have to pay a deductible which Is around the same cost as the phone is with a contract. It's not like you get insurance and a replacement at just the cost of insurance.

    You might try an annonymous call (don't give your serial number or telephone number) to htc to see what it'd cost to send it in for repairs. Might be less than the deductible, although I kinda doubt it.
  8. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    Oh if thats the case, i might just take the loss and dump at&t altogether then because of this is going to cost me close to 200 dollars anyways and I'm not 100% happy with the phone. I dont think that makes sense either
  9. kirbo20

    kirbo20 Well-Known Member

    Insurance deductible is $50.00.
  10. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    I guess thats better. But for a phone I planned on returning anyways? How long before I can return the phone? And once I get the replacement if in the 30 day window will they let me return for money back or exchange for a different phone?
  11. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Unless the person at ATT lied to me when I bought my phone then that is not true at all.

    update: google of "htc aria deductible" seems to point at the $50 deductible being for Wirefly customers. Even if it's true, it's still fraud. Chances of you being caught? 10% maybe? Still a pretty dickey thing to do (buying insurance after you break something).
  12. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    From ATT:

    later down the list
    so I guess it's true. Interesting how fast it was moved down to a new tier.
  13. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    :rolleyes: Are you drunk-posting again?

    So guys, what would you do minus Jofaba's already posted thoughts :p
  14. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Whoa, you guys know me already! lol, yes I'm always drunk posting... but why do you ask? When I bought the phone the guy told me my deductible was going to be in the $130 range. It being knocked down to the $50 tier after like two weeks is pretty big news to me.
  15. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    Because as it impairs driving, it also might impair posting :D

    So why is this big news? I'm not even sure what it means to being knocked down to a $50 tier? This is good, no? Does it mean they underestimated the sales of this device?
  16. Jofaba

    Jofaba Well-Known Member

    Not sure my posting has been impaired but okay.

    It's a good thing (the tier changing). At least for me it is. The deductible he quoted me was ridiculous in my eyes. I've been babying this thing and considering a crappy case for it which I'd hate to have to do. $50 wouldn't hurt nearly as much as $130 would. It's nearly a 2/3 reduction. I'm not sure what it says about the popularity of the phone, but based on the heavy web advertising I don't think they're tossing this phone into the has-been bin just yet.
  17. Ambictus

    Ambictus Well-Known Member

    Uhh... so the phone flew through the air at high velocity and slammed into a hard surface and the phone is "too delicate"? LOL... I hate to break the news to you but I don't doubt that would have broken the screen on the Droid X as well. The screens are glass.

    Seeing that Smartphones are too delicate for you might I recommend heading to Nextel? I found a phone for you. It should take a beating for ya.


  18. SysAdmNj

    SysAdmNj Well-Known Member

    Just wont do, I need phones that can fly :D


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