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  1. stampz

    stampz New Member

    Has anyone received their Nexus 7 through Argos yet?

    After being messed about and giving 4 different delivery dates, I have now been faithfully promised by a manager that it will be with me today (30th)...although I am not holding my breath.

    It has been the worst experience of any pre order I have ever had.

  2. RichSz

    RichSz Not Entitled VIP Member

    Welcome to AndroidForums stampz!

    Bummer about getting messed with on the pre-order. In the States stores are having trouble getting them and keeping them in stock as well. It's frustrating. The best I can say is to hang in there because it's a great tablet and maybe the final result will soften the pain of the wait.

    Then again maybe not. :)
  3. mrm1

    mrm1 New Member

    My Nexus has just arrived through Argos, so its looking promising for you too.
  4. stampz

    stampz New Member

    So it came...well 2 came :)

    Seems they messed up so I now have a spare...awesome!:)
  5. mrm1

    mrm1 New Member

    Just make sure they havnt billed you twice. LOL.

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