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UK Betting App

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    HYCAET Guest

    I've searched and searched and searched, and I can't find anything about this on the forum or the web in general.

    Is anyone in the process of developing an app which will work with one of the main online bookies? Bet365, bluesquare, ladbrokes etc?

    I find even using the WAP version of their websites is hard work. I used to have a SE phone which I could get a java app for from bet365, but my Desire won't work with it.

  2. murphpj

    murphpj New Member

    I'd be interested to know the answer to this, I've seen Ladbrooks have world cup app but that's it to my knowledge. I've heard that betfair iphone app may work too bud didn't want t risk the install in-case it borked it, it recognised my phone as a motorola shoe or some such (HTC Desire).
  3. murphpj

    murphpj New Member

    oh and I think bet2go
  4. Dheano

    Dheano Member

    If there is a java application that you wish to run on your Android system, you should Install a little application called java/j2me runner. With java/j2me runner, you can install those java applications as .apk's and they are rendered in exactly the way they're coded.

    I used it to download the Subcard java application from the Subway website :)

    Links: market://searchq=pname:com.netmite.andme
  5. raze1000

    raze1000 Member

    paddypower are working on one right now, iphone version already out
  6. Jimmy1979

    Jimmy1979 Member

  7. kekatona

    kekatona New Member

    I thought Google did not allow real money gambling apps in the Android Market?
  8. kekatona

    kekatona New Member

    It seem that you can install real money gambling apps if you allow Non market apps to be installed by changing the phones settings.
  9. wordupg

    wordupg Member

  10. galaxybaby

    galaxybaby Member

  11. gavind

    gavind Member

  12. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    There's nothing to download for a PC is there? It's just links for all the major betting and bookmakers apps that are not available on Play, due to Google's restrictions on gambling apps.
  13. Uberiser

    Uberiser New Member

    Yes, even though Google Play don't allow betting apps for Android, you may as well just use the web apps that are just as good IMHO There are a load of them here including a review of the best for Android.

    However if you do want an Android app that lets you use all of these from an app, just download the BookieBoost App when it's released. Works on iPhone too.

    Looking forward to the World Cup! :smokingsomb:
  14. deathslocus

    deathslocus Member

    If you could provide a list of all sites you would like incorporated into such an app I could have one built and running within a week :)

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