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  1. BlakeySFC

    BlakeySFC Active Member

    Hi all,

    Seriously considering getting this phone after reading previews/hands-on reviews etc. of it, looks a really great piece of kit and it's down to this or the Samsung Galaxy S3 for me.

    That all comes down to the carrier, if the LG is on o2 too (the Samsung GS3 is) then i'll be able to get it when I upgrade in July but if not I won't be able to.

    So does anybody have any idea of what UK carriers the LG will be on atall?

    Any help would be much appreciated.

  2. RingKing

    RingKing Well-Known Member

    Not sure about UK carrier availability but here's something to think about - the SGS3 will eventually have screen burn in but the 4X won't.
  3. BlakeySFC

    BlakeySFC Active Member


    I'll be signing upto a 24 Month contract in all likelyhood so would screen burn affect the SGS3 in this time?
  4. RingKing

    RingKing Well-Known Member

    Really depends. I've read some people say their over-a-year-old SGS1 still has no traces of burn in, while I have personally seen a 1 month old Galaxy Note display unit in a local store with the dock icons and clock slightly burned in.

    When you go with a phone with an Amoled screen, you'll be hassled with the things you need to do to prolong the screen - like lowering brightness, using a different launcher that hides the status bar, keeping the screen timeout under a minute, and all other whatnots. You won't have to worry about those with and LCD screen.
  5. punky

    punky Well-Known Member

    LG have hardly released any info on it.

    They have only just (a day or so ago) said we'll be one launch countries and it will be coming out in June. Don't even know what day yet.

    Even if O2 won't sell it directly then would going through mobiles.co.uk or affordablemobiles on an O2 contract do you?

    I was really interested interested in the phone but one thing that is slightly concerning me is the apathy coming from LG about their phone. It's technically their flagship and said not so long ago they'll be pushing mobile markets but hardly heard anything since MWC. Also not helped that they have been slow to update their old pones to ICS. So might mean a long wait for JB unless you root.

    The recent press release also hinted at there being "a surprise" in store regarding the phone.
  6. BlakeySFC

    BlakeySFC Active Member

    I've seen a few hands-on early reviews from MWC etc. on and and also some youtube clips from Eastern Europe of unboxing and reviewing the phone, but would just love to know an exact release date rather than 'June' so I know whether it's a realistic option for me or not, heard the SIM-free version is coming out on July 4th, guessing the contract version will hopefully be before then.

    I could go through mobiles.co.uk etc. but then I'd have to wait until October to upgrade, my 3 month early upgrade is with o2 direct unfortunately :(
  7. krish3

    krish3 Member

    Any news on when this phone would be launched in UK? Seems like LG itself isn't interested in this market.

    I've been searching in vain for this phone and no one seems to have any idea on its arrival.
  8. krish3

    krish3 Member

    And to answer my own question, the 4x has been launched in the UK. Saw a mail from phones4u mentioning the same
  9. drakeit

    drakeit Active Member

    Just bought one today from phones4u, its charging as I write this. Late night playing with it, I hope.

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