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  1. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    Hey all. I'm just wondering as to the updates that are supposedly incoming to the Galaxy S? I'm on o2 at the moment, on 2.2 [no, I'm not on 2.2.1 yet update hasn't come via Kies] and I'm wondering if anybody else is in the same boat or my PC is playing up?

    There should have been an update for the 2.2.1 on my phone, but nope, and I'm starting to really get worried because if that hasn't come out, what's the chances of me getting Gingerbread when it's released?

  2. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    I'm on o2 and I got 2.2.1 before xmas. Is your handset branded in anyway? Mine isnt.

    I'm sceptical about all this gingerbread update stuff. The whole world seems to be going mad over something mentioned on Samsungs Romanian facebook page. Sounds dodgy to me lol.
  3. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    You're kidding? I open Kies and it says that my phone is at the latest firmware, 2.2 - how did you manage it without rooting and flashing? I'm assuming you used Kies. I got it a few days back though, directly from o2. :(
  4. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    No, my phone is bog standard. It updated to 2.2 before xmas on Kies and then I got 2.2.1 about 3 weeks later if I remember correctly. I'm on o2 through CPW and my phone is totally unbranded. Dunno if that is relevant.
  5. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    Don't understand what you mean by 'unbranded' to be honest mate!
  6. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

  7. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    Branded would be when a phone comes with lots of crap added by the network operator.

    O2 have always been quite good. Orange, bad in my experience.

    Sometimes operators hold back updates so they can add their own crap into the mix.
  8. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    Only thing I seem to be bundled with is the Samsung Apps, that's pretty much it. I've seen on several o2 sites: O2 Forum :: View topic - When will the 2.2.1 update come to Samsung Galaxy S?

    Of people saying they do not have the update too. I'm so annoyed.
  9. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    This is mine mate.

    Note the bit at the end of the firmware code. Mine appears to be specific to carphonewarehouse.

  10. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    In that case, it MUST be o2. You're obviously under a Carphone Warehouse firmware. If you checked that link I sent above, I think it's a known issue that o2 haven't released the 2.2.1 yet. Absolutely ridiculous. It's not just me then?
  11. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    I thought o2 must of been one of the better providers. How wrong am I ?!
  12. sinnovations

    sinnovations Active Member

    This is the thing, everybody is saying all their carriers, vodafone, orange etc. released them relatively recently, o2 is still yet to do so. I'm glad I found that out, I got so stressed out fiddling with Kies! Thanks for your time pal, much appreciated!
  13. -Liam-

    -Liam- Well-Known Member

    No probs chap, Anytime!
  14. antoeknee

    antoeknee Well-Known Member

    Carriers seeem to be very patchy in their release on updates.

    I'm on Orange and it took them a long time to release 2.2, in fact I didn't get till mid January. Then few weeks later, 3 or 4 I think, 2.2.1 was released.

    Now there are still some Orange users who seem to be unable to get 2.2.1 for some reason.

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