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UK Infinity TF700t Have you got yours yet?General

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  1. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    I've just had a e-mail to confirm that my TF700 is on its way to me for Monday. I pre-ordered the Grey one a few weeks ago from Amazon. I have a TF101 at the moment but did upgrade for a very short time to a TF201 but returned this as soon as I heard about the TF700.

    I got my TF201 from PC world and was one of the first to get it. Amazon were very behind. It appears that this time around only Amazon has stock or was the only place to pre-order.

    This post is for all who get theirs in the UK. Please post when you have got one in your hands and where you got it from.

    Hopefully I will post on Monday.

    Good Luck all! (It's been a wait!) :rolleyes:

  2. GabrielStorm

    GabrielStorm Member

    You'll love it. I'm using mine more than i use my laptop.

  3. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Looking forward to tomorrow. Are you in the UK and is web browsing without flash a pain?
  4. GabrielStorm

    GabrielStorm Member

    No. In USA. No issues browsing.

  5. ghostyjack

    ghostyjack Active Member

    I also got the mail and the tracker says it is out for delivery, I should have it by the time I get home from work.
  6. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    Checked the tracking number and say's its still at my local depot. I had this with the prime which turned up at 18:00. Let us know when it turns up.
  7. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    Hi what browser do you use and have you had any issues with netflix?

    Have you installed flash?

  8. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    Its here and on charge. The Asus case does not appear to fit perfectly bit adds no bulk.

    Anyone else's turn up?
  9. ghostyjack

    ghostyjack Active Member

    Mine finaly here.

    Got it on charge now.

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