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  1. Oblig

    Oblig Well-Known Member

    I have put up with the dodgy wifi and the white spot (much larger than a pixel) on my screen, especially against white. But now the camera is a green and pink static mess so I have been asked to return it - so I will. What are the chances of getting it repaired with a plastic strip?

  2. Nutz

    Nutz Well-Known Member

  3. Oblig

    Oblig Well-Known Member

    Thanks Nutz - yes they have agreed and arranged to pick it up - just wondered what the chances were of getting a hardware fix for GPS as well as the other things they will need to go with it.
  4. JAy3001

    JAy3001 Well-Known Member

    I sent mine back only last week for a failed rear facing camera. Got to say the service was incredibly fast considering it whisps off to BRNO in the Czech Republic and back again!

    But you have sod all chance of getting a plastic casing on the back, more likely to get a newly refurbished unit if the screen is knackered. You might be offered one of the GPS units if you did not apply for one at the time/and or and extension to your warranty. I took both, but found I barley use the GPS anyhow and the actual unit is sat in the car somewhere having only been used once! The only bug bare is that the weather widget struggles to locate me exactly.

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