UK ROM update and Andriod market problems?

  1. damo

    damo Member


    Wondering if people have come up against any problems after the ROM update.
    I installed the UK Rom update on an unlocked Hero and have one or problems after it.

    First i cant get on to the Android market, this is very annoying.
    think this might be somthing related to hoe the app trys to connect to the web. I want it to use the wifi.
    what happens is that i connect to the web via the wifi and then open the market app and it then gets hung up on the terms of use and get no further.
    Anyone with ideas about this?

    secondly, the other problem is that the clock app with the weather thinks my current location is in the middle east. I'm in Europe.
    Any help again?


  2. zukini

    zukini Well-Known Member

    Press the menu button from the home screen and select location. make sure one of the options is ticked. Then try again. If you select the gps option the gps data must be turned on.
  3. damo

    damo Member


    Tried tha before and didnt work.

    Just tried a restore to factory settings and i can get on to the market.

    downloading the apps now , and i'll have a look see the location problem is fixed later

    cheers for the reply

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