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  1. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Member

    Hi everyone,

    I have HTC EVO 3D on Vodafone network in the UK.

    Don't know maybe this is how it works on Android, before I was on iPhone.

    Anyway, here is my case.

    Wifi keeps turning off when I leave my home for example, and joins the mobile data. That's OK, but when I come back it doesn't join the wifi network again and stays on mobile data. and I need to turn wifi back on again. Anyway to make it 100% automatic so my phone can keep switching them all the time if needed? I have my friend with same issue using HTC Desire HD.

    Another very very annoying thing is that my phone automatically joins BT-Openzone wifi network if there is one in area. I keep pressing "forget network" but it still joins it if found. How can I get rid of this just can't stand it.

    Apart from this, HTC is a lovely phone, can't even compare with iPhone.

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  2. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator


    make sure you have your home wifi checked and confirmed its in your list of "remembered" Wifi networks. just head over to the wifi tab in settings and confirm its there.

    as for BT-openzone, seems to be something abroad. when you are connected to another wifi network, go into your saved wifi networks and tap and remove the bt-openzone then. it should go away from the list. thats really all you can do. do you have other networks listed in your saved wifi networks list? can you test one by removing it and seeing if it goes away? this would confirm if its a handset issue or not (if you cant remove ANY wifi networks). ive not heard this being an issue with other UK users though, perhaps they may chime in with their findings.

    what is your wifi policy set to? set it to never and it will keep sniffing out wifi networks that it remembers and has permission to connect to.

    how long have you had this device and have you had these issues form day one or did they JUST start after some time?
  3. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Member

    Thanks for quick answer!

    I think this is happening since the day I bought my phone.

    When I written about wifi going off, I meant not my network but the setting itself. When it goes off it doesn't come back on any network, and I need to manually turn the wifi on in the settings. I even have a widget on my screen just to make it quicker.

    I thought maybe this is battery saving trick, but my battery is not less than 15% when this is happening, because I found a setting in "power saver settings" --> [Disable Wi-Fi if not connected]. But this setting is active only in power setting mode isn't it?

    As for annyoing BTopenzone there is no way to remove it, if I am connected to my work wifi at the moment I can still see it on the list as "open network" if I hold my finger on it, I can only select "Connect to network".

    Now, look what I did:

    I was on my work's wifi network, and unplugged the power from the modem.

    My phone connected to BTOpenzone straight away

    I plugged our modem back again, and obviously my phone stays on BT for some time.. and then it's getting even more funny! After about 1 minute on the BTOpenzone my wifi turns off itself and now my phone is on mobile network again.. (battery fully charged)

    I press "forget this network" it goes off, and after few seconds, guess what, I am on BTOpenzone again..

    This is really getting on my tits as I am using Skype as my landline provider, and emails all the time, and with this issue it's not possible..

    And yes both Home and Work wifi's are saved on my phone.

    Another weird thing is that wifi goes OFF sometimes after some time on BTOpenzone.. probably that explains why my wifi goes off, that I mentioned above.

    Hope I am clear here, if not I could do a video or something, or maybe there is an app to capture the screen on HTC, like fraps or camtasia on PC's?

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  4. marctronixx

    marctronixx Moderator Moderator

    i dont think the BTopenzone service is in the states so i cant comment on how it behaves. ive seen some buzz about it on the internet so perhaps search the internet using btopenzone and android as search strings. i saw some chatter about it--even on some other forums on this website.

    to take a photo you press the power button and tap the homescreen to snap a photo. there is a thread on it here if you want more information (use "screengrab" for the search term)

    how long have you had the handset? do you have lots of apps? any apps that utilize the wifi or radio of the device?
  5. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Member

    I have this phone for about 2 weeks now.

    Don't have any apps that would cause any problems to wifi..

    I can give the list of the apps that I have:

    Advanced Task Killer
    Dog Breeds
    eBay fee calculator
    Glow Hockey
    KGB Deals
    My Vodafone

    None of them would interfere with wifi I believe..

    OK, I will try to Google again, as I couldn't find anything useful before..

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  6. Marzy1357

    Marzy1357 Member

    Seems that I found the way to sort this out..

    There is an app "My Vodafone" where you can check your balance, etc..

    There is a setting "Enable BT Openzone" and "Auto Connect - Even when Wi-Fi is turned off"

    I haven't thought that some stupid app settings can override my phone settings..

    But anyway if someone has this issue, here is the answer.
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  7. telbij

    telbij New Member

    Wow thanks for figuring that out. BTOpenzone was pissing me off mightily for the last month and I had no idea Vodafone was behind the shenanigans (though I've had the app for almost a year, but the problem only started a few weeks ago).

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