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(UK) What is the official firmware for galaxy s2, and how do I get it using a MACBOOK!?Support

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  1. tpr007

    tpr007 Member


    I have a new, unbranded, s2 and it is on android 2.3.4

    I hear that the newest 'official' firmware is 2.3.5 but connecting to KIES on the mac it states that it does not support software updates via kies!?

    ANy ideas?

  2. Gav400

    Gav400 Well-Known Member

    I am on 2.3.4 on an unbranded S2 also. I cant upgrade either on a PC. I could not believe that a mate of mine had a Desire HD and was on 2.3.6. Looks like its back to HTC when the new phones come out. Samsung are very slow to push out updates. I brought this phone off contract hoping to get the latest firmwares!
  3. late8

    late8 Well-Known Member

    I know. Its another problem in a growing line of issues I have with this phone.

    I'm on 2.3.4 sim free. My phone has a German (DBT) CSC and they too are still on 2.3.4 unlocked / unbranded / sim free. You can check it in Kies at the end of the version number in brackets.

    I believe UK is something like (XEU) - Currently thats still on 2.3.4. :mad:

    Network phones from Vodaphone for example have the 2.3.6.

    Can you imagine when we would get ICS ! ! ! - could be waitng a long long time.

    I don't know why this is. You would think a unbranded version would be the first one out.

    You could flash a firmware off the web like a general EU one or another country like Netherlands.
    I was going to do this but have seen some people with issues when going to 2.3.6. Also haven't a clue where to start.
  4. RootyUK

    RootyUK Active Member

    Shouldnt be too long until you get a 2.3.6 update. Here in Korea we got it about 2 weeks ago.

    Also KIES has never supported updates for me on my mac, but does on my gf's windows laptop.
    late8 likes this.
  5. late8

    late8 Well-Known Member

    out of interest does the csc effect the update process. For example my UK phone has a German csc (DBT) because it was bought from a European website.
    They are still on 2.3.4 also.

    Would Kies be searching for (DBT) only updates??:confused:
  6. RootyUK

    RootyUK Active Member

    I have no idea sorry, all I know is my phone was brought here in korea and get the OTA from my service provider as it is branded. However, all carries seem to roll out at the same time.
  7. badger906

    badger906 Member

    my Uk vodafone version is 2.3.5.

    why not do an over the air update? i use a mac and havent even tried kies lol
  8. tpr007

    tpr007 Member

    The over the air update option shows no update available.

    My phone is unbranded/unlocked
  9. late8

    late8 Well-Known Member

    Yeah but like me OP is on unbranded. I think O2 is on 2.3.5 or 6 too. But haven't a clue why unbranded phones are last!??

    When you plug into Kies and it shows the firmware version what does it say at the end in brackets btw? I think unbranded UK phones are either (XEU) or (CPW)
    In any case unbranded is still on 2.3.4 for unbranded UK - You can go to 2.3.6 but you will need to flash a different firmware from Italy or Netherlands etc I think there's a generic Europe one too on 2.3.6.
  10. Jb66

    Jb66 New Member

    Is there any advantage or disadvantage using a uk firmware or a poland firmware etc?

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