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  1. OliDerwi

    OliDerwi New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I tried to twick my Build.prop since I got my first tab w/c is Ultratab JAZZ C925 rooted. I added some new twicks but when I rebooted my tab it says "System UI, stopped working" and I did try to connected it to my PC but the PC didnt recognized the TAb, I did research ADB and sucessfully able to match my TAB to the PC, I did try as well QTadb and found out that my system and other folders are empty, BTW, I wasnt able to do NANdroid backup, Is there any way that I can fix my Tab,Like a new ROM, can someone help me finding the right ROM.


  2. mikedt

    mikedt 你好 Guide

    I'm almost certain you'd have to get hold of the original manufacturer's software ROM file to restore it. However with the Ultratab Jazz, the manufacturer appears to be unknown, which is often the way with cheapo off-brand devices.

    Best bet might be to RMA it for refund or replacement. Pretend dumb and just say it doesn't work and that you think it's faulty. These cheapo tablets can often brick just by breathing on them, due to poor quality.

    You could try contacting the importer, www.digitac.us They don't have much on the website however.
  3. mecha2010

    mecha2010 New Member

    Sir may I ask how did you root your JAZZ TABLET?

  4. bam2k5

    bam2k5 New Member

    It seems like the manufacturer of the jazz ultratabs line is Allwinner Technology Co., Ltd and I have requested info ont the 9.7 but I have not recived a respnce from them or digitac.us. I have two of the 9.7's and one died a month after getting them. If I find a way to fix mine i'll be sure to post it..

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