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Um... not that kind of android

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  1. BekaValentine

    BekaValentine New Member

    Hi Folks! I finally got my first smart phone, a Samsung Rugby Smart. I chose this one because it is supposed to be able to survive getting wet and being dropped. I have been very happy with that aspect of it, but am a little frustrated that I had to forgo getting the latest operating system and more memory in order to get a more durable phone. Whenever I look up technical issues about the phone, I end up at this forum, so it seems to make sense to join it and learn as much as I can from you guys. I am old enough that the word "android" still conjures up images of humanoid robots before it does electronics. Andromeda, the Android avatar of the spaceship Andromeda Ascendant, is my favorite fictional android, but since Andromeda was taken, I will be Beka Valentine, the kickass pilot of an old beat up cargo spaceship, from the same series.

  2. Matty18

    Matty18 Well-Known Member

    Hi BekaValentine, and welcome to Android Forums. :)

    I would recommend rooting your device. Doing so will allow you to remove the AT&T apps, thus freeing up that precious memory. I would also recommend that you do not have too many unnecessary apps running at once, so as not to slow down your device. Also, make sure that all apps that can be are installed on your SD card.

    An even better solution would be to flash a custom ROM onto your phone.

    If you need more advice, I would recommend posting in the Rugby Smart forums. :)
  3. BekaValentine

    BekaValentine New Member

    Thanks, Matty18. Actually I came to the forum today to figure out how to root the phone. Also, I notice that even of the ones I installed, only one is one the SD card. It would be great if I can figure out how to change that. The app that takes up the most space is also my favorite: Overdrive. I use it for reading e-books and listening to audiobooks that I check out via my local library. I guess I have some reading to do in the forums.
  4. Matty18

    Matty18 Well-Known Member

    Your welcome.

    Some apps can't be installed on the SD card (although this can be changed by rooting). Good luck rooting your phone though!
  5. Rush

    Rush {<>}~{<>}

    Hello and welcome to Android Forums. :)))

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