Umm... is the Hero supposed to be a multitasking device?

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  1. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Just wanted to make sure that the Hero is supposed to be a multitasking device? Because every time I try to multitasking, my phone freaks out.

    For example, as I was typing this (i am typing this post on my Hero), my green LED started flashing because I got an email. So I pressed home so I could check my email (no notification drag down in browser) and phone started to just get jittery, get stuck, and just freak out and lag. All the meanwhile, the music I was listening to started to skip and stutter like crazy. That was just a simple multitasking task that went haywire (sp?) and it isn't the only time that its happened.

    Like I would be browsing the Market and get a text (which lagged in that the notification ring sounds a couple of seconds after the phone vibrates) and I press home to check my sms (via chompsms because of the sms bug) and once again, my phone freaks out (not as badly as how I mentioned before, but still annoying.

    Overall, I just don't think the Hero is doing a very good job at multitasking (my Hero at least). But i thought the Hero was supppsed to be a multitasking phone, no? What's the dealio?

    PS: This took me FOREVER to type on the Hero because of its crazy keyboard lag when using it in the browser (even with haptic feedback off)

  2. Alcaron

    Alcaron Active Member

    a) Something you installed.
    b) Needs a reboot.
    c) Possibly defective.
    d) Factory reset speeds it up for some, lose your data, yeah, but for some it's taken a buggy almost unuseable phone and made it MUCH better. my guess is a iffy flash from the factory. *shrug* You can get apps to backuup and restore your data btw.
  3. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 Well-Known Member

    yeah, try cleaning up the phone or resetting it or something, no problems like that here. every once in a while it will hang up for just a second or so, but no keyboard lag or anything.
  4. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Well-Known Member

    Well, I've multitasked quite a bit and maybe once it locked up on me, I was running a music app on background to. Other than that all has been good. Example: had flash card mounted and accessed the car stereo playing mp3s from it, while browsing web and got a phone call too, Hero didn't miss a beat.

    Happy Trails...
  5. stricklerjosh

    stricklerjosh Well-Known Member

    If you do a factory reset, how do you get everything back? I know most of the apps you can just download again, and I am asuming that my contacts would just sync with Google as well as my calendar.
    If I have paid apps, i only have one (robodefense) will it sync as well?
    My phone was great but it is seeming to get laggy lately. Just wondering about a walkthrough to do a hard factory reset.
  6. Success100

    Success100 Member

    turn off the predictive text/auto correct, and calibrate the keyboard, that eliminates lag, and makes typing MUCH more accurate
  7. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    a) I noticed the same issues immediately after system resets and after soft resets when nothing is running.
    b) I reboot regularly (thought I shouldn't need to)
    c) This is my third Hero, first one thats With Google, previous 2 only HTC symbol on the back had problems (all 3 had problems with multitasking)
    d) Ive done factory resets before, didn't help

    umm. try replying to this thread on your Hero via its browser and tell me there's no lag.

    Virtual keyboard without autocorrect? That'll be just a bit difficult, don't you think? I can't sit there making sure to tap in the correct keys exactly for every single letter of every single sentence of every single text message I send every day of everyweek I use this phone...
  8. Alcaron

    Alcaron Active Member

    Ok what now. I did it. Sent from hero.

  9. Alcaron

    Alcaron Active Member

    btw (back on my PC now, because, um, why use a touchscreen when you have a full keyboard in front of you) this is THE worst condition to be putting the keyboard under.

    Its NOT a mobile site, it's got flash ads, what appears to be AJAX elements.

    And even still the lag was barely there. And btw the iPhone, everyones favorite comparison, was just as bad if not worse. Webpages that weren't meant for mobile devices DO tax them.

    But no, theres no major lag. One more than you should expect with every phone on a non-mobile webpage.

    i dunno what to tell you, try the MoDaCo ROm if you want, should be a bit faster.
  10. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I wouldn't imagine there being much lag if your typing like 9 words. But if you try typing like 3 full sentenes, the lag really hits you, and worse if you type out a full blown forum thread (which I dont recomend you doing lol).

    I understand this forum is imagine, flash, and ad intensive, but which website (besides sites viewed in mobile mode) isnt? Go to the full (not mobile) site for Yahoo, and its just as intensive. Same with the full (not mobile) Amazon site. And no, I am not gonna use mobile view for every site when I PAYED for a phone that has full HTML browsing, such as the Hero. If I wanted to use mobile view for everything, I would have juts gotten a free or cheap 3G phone. Besides, some sites, such as this forum, dont even have mobile view options.

    I have a second generation iPod Touch 8gb and it doesnt have any problems typing in the browser, im sure the 3GS wouldn't either. But then again iPhone isnt a multitasking device.

    And custom ROM's? Well I could, but the point of this topic was to express what ive experience in the Hero's multitasking out of the box. Without rooting it. I was aiming at the fact that the Hero was DESIGNED to be a multitasking device, as with any Android device, and it just isnt performing it very well. If a phone is designed to be a multitasking device, and is even advertised and marketed as one, you shouln'd have to root it in order for it to function well, don't you think?
  11. Alcaron

    Alcaron Active Member

    I hate to say it but I have yet to use a phone on which I would enjoy typing several paragraphs (not sentences btw). And I used an iphone for...well from the day the first one came out until the day the hero came out.

    If you want to write a thesis...use a computer. You wanna type short emails and SMS's and the like, use a phone.

    Though for the record typing MORE isn't going to magically slow it way down.

    So I will say it again, that flash ad up murdering your phone. Blame the admin of a mobile site for not having a forum optimized for mobile phones.
  12. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Well I did try to emphasize (maybe I didn't do it well enough) that I wasn't trying to revolve this discussion around writing paragraphs, but rather writing a couple - maybe 3 or 4 - sentences. I know people don't write paragraps on a phone, neither do I... I just did it today because I dont know why. Just wanted to try it for the first time I guess. Plus I had an hour to kill between classes, which I definately killed.

    Now I'd like to set aside aside the idea of being able to use full html sites instead of mobile view sites on a smart phone like the Hero or iPhone; like I said, I'm not gonna use a stripped down mobile view site when I payed for a phone that is supposed to be good at viewing full blown HTML sites. With that said, I also find lag when typing - like i mentioned above - 3 or 4 sentences in a full blown html site (not limiting myself tothis site, per say).

    Now, I feel like im started to just present myself like some cry baby crying over some keyboard lag, but I hope you don't take me that way. I'm just expressing the differences between what I expected and what Ive been experiencing. With a Qualcomm 528MHz processor, I didnt expect much from the Hero. But I did hope that typing a couple of sentences on any website wouldn't be this ... well, annoying honestly. I still love my Hero nonetheless.
  13. maddmatt02

    maddmatt02 Well-Known Member

    Well I now see what you mean but it can keep up pretty good. I just turmed off hapric feedback and it os a bot better but it doesn't eliminate it completely. But if I ignore the visible lag and just type then it does pretty good. Seems the only key that doesnt waNt to cooperate while typing through the lag is the spacebar.
  14. BSki

    BSki Well-Known Member

    Typing this on my hero, and yes I do see some impressive lag from the site. Hectic off, but damn this jumps around a lot. Guess I will just post from my comp instead the Hero.
  15. flexte

    flexte Well-Known Member

    my phone lags..freezes and reboots on its own. the whole argument the android is much more stable than winmo is a bunch of crap. my symbian phone never lagged but rebooted on its own htc kaiser could multitask better than the hero.
  16. stricklerjosh

    stricklerjosh Well-Known Member

    Can anyone walk me through a hard reset? How to get everything back...Thanks
  17. flexte

    flexte Well-Known Member

    dont bother if you are just trying to get rid of the lag. you will waste a good hour or so just to experience the same thing once you get everything re installed.
  18. stricklerjosh

    stricklerjosh Well-Known Member

    Thanks...I was told I needed to do one, but I really wasn't sure
  19. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Well-Known Member

    DVD-guy has some issues?

    First off, viewing full fledged HTML sites on a mobile phone should NOT be compared to the same experience as loading it in a web browser on the PC. There is just way too much different going on to justify that standpoint. I have had better experiences loading web pages with modified browsers (Win/Mo & Opera or Skyfire) but those were primarily mobile sites in any event. Any phone I have seen loading regular coded HTML websites has choked to some extent, the processing power and caching is just not on par... The ability (in my honest opinion) to view the full sites on any phone, is in the event you absolutely must get to a site that has not coded in a mobile version. The setting gives you the ability to load that page with obvious consequences. I think its unrealistic to expect the pages to pop onto your phone, like a PC with a 20 megabit Fios connection.

    I have to agree also that this particular page is not coded for mobile access and the fact that I can access it from my phone amazes me. This wasn't even remotely possible not too long ago. That said... I agree the lag I have experienced here is annoying, but I am willing to deal with it, maybe after dealing with a Palm Treo and Win/Mo I have developed a higher tolerance for pain. All in all, I think the native browser does a decent job, just like everything that is new, there are better days coming. Opera and others will surely come forth with optimized browsers developed for the Android platform that will make all this an afterthought. We are at the forefront of amazing new equipment and OS, there are bound to be bumps along the road.

    There is always the safe clamshell mobile for those who are unwilling to temper the waters of smartphone luxury. (hehe,, joke).

  20. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Issues? Don't be saying I got issues punk, im pointing out a legitimate point here. I paid good money for a phone that was very much advertised as a multitask phone and it's not doing that very well. And if that doesn't bother you then great, but it does for me and for others that wanted to multitask on a phone thats supposed to multitask.

    And I was never comparing viewing full fledged HTML pages with doing so on a PC. But how about the iPhone? Palm Pre? My friend has a Blackberry 8900 and I've looked at how it performs as well. They all have no problem loading up this very page, do a fast job at it, and very well don't have problems replying on this very thread. So why should the Hero? Why should I settle for stripped down mobile-mode websites on a phone that's supposed to have no problem loading full HTML pages? I expected the Hero to be able to do that and also perform well in multitasking while doing it. But it can't even function as a full html website viewer, and isnt even close to being a good multitasker. I know it has a somewhat old processor in it, but I was sure it would be enough? Definately better than the myTouch or the G1 with its 288MB of RAM (which it is).

    Now that THAT's taken care of, let's not forget the point of the original post: multitasking. We can remove the browser entirely from this one if we want. Say I'm waiting at a bus stop and listening to music on my Hero while in the Calendar app browsing my upcoming events. I release that I can't meet up with my brother tomorrow for lunch because I have a meeting I forgot about. I go to ChompSMS to shoot my brother a simple SMS text, and you know what happens? Hero becomes a jitterbug. Lag in the home pages, takes several seconds to open apps, navigate within them, yaddy yaddah. I'm playing Abduction (game from the market) and I want to see if there are othe games on the Market similiar to it, so I go into the Market app and browse when I suddenly remember that I need to buy bread from the store so I go to the OI Shopping List app do add it. Same jitter, stutter, lag, whatever you want to call it. I'm watching a YouTube video, want to pause it to check an email that just arrived. Same thing. These are all simple multitasking examples that shouldn't be a problem with a phone that is SUPPOSED TO multitask. And I didnt even mention recieving a text or phonecall while im doing any of those things... that would just worsen the experience times three. Also laggy homescreen navigation WHILE sending a text - if I press send and then escape to the homescreen while it's sending in the background.

    You could very well say "Then stop complaining and get the iPhone, Pre, or a Blackberry!" Yes, I could get one of those phones (well not iPhone... too much money for too bad service) but I was merely pointing out the web browsing functions of those particular phones. There are other things about that I don't like. My brother has a Pre, and I can't stand the squishy jelly keypads or the tiny app market. I don't like Blackberry's lack of touch screen (screen is too small anyways, no BB Storm for Sprint). Moment is too bulky and I hate stock Android interface. So there, that's why I decided to get the Hero. Why not? It was advertised as a multitasking phone wasnt it?
  21. cooolone2

    cooolone2 Well-Known Member

    You lost me after "PUNK", personal attacks sitting behind your keyboard make you a real tough guy right?

    I said "Issues" because your DIATRIBE is endless and boring too, we got your point in your first post, thank you very much, you sound like an Apple employee.

    You are right when you said I have no issues... it is a "PHONE" ya' know?!?!? All the multi-tasking I have attempted has worked fine. You make it sound as if it should do everything all at once, I accept its limitations. If the Blackberry impressed you so much, then that is where you should be investing your money you so seemingly had ripped from your hands. I can't help you with satisfaction or the lack of in your choice of phone.

    Anyone who has done their research knows this is cutting edge OS built upon last years equipment and as such should be making some allowance for it. I said I experienced some of what you posted but not to the degree you are.

    Anyway, tough guy, have a nice day. Hope it all works out for you.

    Happy Trails.
  22. pking

    pking Well-Known Member

    Consider this a bucket of cold water thrown on the conversation.

    I understand the need to vent, truly, but keep it friendly. Posturing and antagonizing under the guise of making a point is not needed here.

    If you feel the need to keep at it, move it to PM please.
  23. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Wow, how can YOU say anything about personal attacks? You're the one that said I have issues first. You can't cry to mommy after someone hits you if you hit them first. I don't care WHY you said, the fact is that you did. Anyways, enough of this personal attack business, we sound like kindergarteners.

    If you even skimmed through my reply (which I know was long), you would have seen that I didn't get the Pre, Blackberry, Samsung moment, or iPhone for other reasons that I don't feel the need to reiterate.

    No, I don't feel that it should do everything all at once, but 3 apps? C'mon. Granted, I know from the days when I used task managers that there are tons of other things running in the background sometimes like Sprint Navigation, Peep, etc. which I don't use. But I can't help if code from one thing requires another thing to be open or whatever, so I just consider the things I open myself.

    And lastly, I do understand that we're talking about a bit of old hardware inside of our Hero's. I know I should (and therefore do) try to tolerate a bit more than if I was using, say, the iPhone. But to say that you don't experience the problems I stated to the same degree shows that you must really be running your Hero stripped of a lot of its capabilities (not all, but a lot). I am making some allowance for this phone because I know it isn't equipped with hardware as advance and hightech as its software, but how low must I go? There's gonna be a point where I just have to say "If it can't even do this..." right? And that's just about where I am right now, or very close to it... can't put in any more "allowance" that I have already without virtually turning my phone into a myTouch with a softer body, or a G1 without the physical keyboard.

    And yeah, I shouldnt have called you a punk so apologies for that.
  24. Bnice

    Bnice Guest

    I'm not saying the hero doesn't have issues but you my friend(dvdqnoc) have issues as well,you had 30 days to decided if this phone is to your liking,if the phone is so horrible go get something to your need.
  25. dvdqnoc

    dvdqnoc Well-Known Member

    Did I ever say I didn't like this phone? I had 30 days to exchance for a different phone, yes, but there isn't a better phone on Sprint. If you read my reply above before so hastily jumping onto a reply just so you can say "i have issues" then you would have seen the reasons I posted for not getting the Pre or Moment.

    I like this phone, there is just one thing I've noticed isn't functioning as well as I had hoped (need I mentioned it again? ok i will: multitasking) and was just seeing if I was the only person with the problem, and if there is possibly a solution out there that I wasn't aware of.

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