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  1. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi there, thought I'd post up a new thread regarding the battery life of my LG eve, I know it's been done many times with complaints, but this time I am surprised of the out-come, and you'd probably be too since I've haven't seen anyone else mention these results.

    1st off, i'd start off. I got my LG eve back in late march '2010. Read a bunch of reviews from users such as you guys on here and other feed-back forums, so I knew what to expect from the phone itself. Didn't stop me since the phone had the one thing I needed which was the full-out keyboard, touch-screen and it being a smart-phone. Anyways I knew the battery life was one of the main concerns, but when I got the phone and played around with it, it was worse than expected. Literally I had to charge the phone everyday. But I would wait till I almost kill the battery before I charged it since alot of other users suggusted that. The phone itself I actually bought 2nd hand, but it was still literally brand new. So finding some ways to help increase battery life, I would browse the forums and see what other people suggested. So i did exactly that. Though it didn't make much of a difference. But up until now... my battery life took a complete u-turn for the better. I downloaded the "battery indicator" app, since it got alot of feedback, and works perfectly since it monitors and displays everything and On sunday night may 2nd I charged my battery over-night. Dis-conneted it monday morning @ 7am and left it as is. And to this day I've haven't charged it @ all. Which I am totally surprised of that. It's about 12am saturday may 8th and it's still hasn't been charged since, still going strong and will need a charge eventually this weekend. I just took a picture of it about an hour ago to prove my results. "unplugged for 124 hours" about more than 5 days and still going strong, just less than 20% battery life. Pretty much the attached picture will explain for itself.

    Now the phone has been on every single day, regularly used for sending texts and a few short phone calls. Also I would play around with it here and there. Now the wifi is completely dis-connected when not in use, did use it a few times as well. I don't use blue-tooth, so completely turned off. I disabled "use wirelss networks" and "enable GPS satellites" in security and locations settings. ALso I use "advanced task manager" as you can see from my screen shot. So i kill whatever is running even though some apps would still come on running again for some strange reason. Other than that it's still on the original firm-ware 1.5. I don't know why or how this happen but it did....

    I really don't know if my battery life will continue like this, even though it wasn't like this @ all when I 1st got the phone. But with almost a week of stand-by time... don't know what to say... though I did write quite the story on here. But I will continue on to charge the battery when it is almost completely drained.

    If you have any questions, do my best to answer them. Screen-shot is attached as well for your viewing pleasure.

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  2. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    turning off anything internet related will certainly help in aid in battery life.
    was it you that got this phone without a data plan? some user mentioned they got this phone with just a voice plan which i could not get and was wondering if that was something new rogers was offering.

    getting back to the battery life, if you have not yet you should do the lg software upgrade the 10c to 10f. including other fixes, i was told this helps in battery life & i think i see up to 20% more life in the battery.
  3. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    hi, it wasn't me that your referring too, but my plan is ROGERS "pay as you go" with-out the data plan. since i have wi-fi @ home and work.

    do you know where abouts I can download this soft-ware upgrade, and guess it isn't too difficult to install I'd assume? so with this up-grade it isn't a firmware upgrade, so it'll still be v1.5?

    is there any other up-dates to this 10c to 10f, other than increased battery life?

  4. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    LG EVE ​

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  5. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    that's cool you got ROGERS "pay as you go". i was only offered at the time i had to take a voice & data plan for 2yr. they would not give me the voice plan only.so i make sure i use it (data) and then with the my account app i can see where i'm at with usage through the month.
  6. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    yeah, reason why i got "pay as you go" is the plan I got is 1 cent evenings and weekends... all other times is 40 cent a minute. have call display included as well, so if anything, just use my work-phone and know who's calling me...

    with this up-date, is there any point in doing it for the "Phone randomly freezes, hangs-
    Hard Reset “Key combination Fix”.
    My phone works fine and what exactly is this "hard reset key combination fix". I've already done a hard reset when I bought the phone which was used.

    And since there is a version 1.6 coming out sometime, won't it over-write all the existing soft-ware up-dates and stuff.?​
  7. bikbok

    bikbok Well-Known Member

    This is my battery plan:
    -Disable any internet connection (using APNDroid from Market) when not needed
    -Disable GPS when not needed
    -Disable WiFi when not needed
    -Disable all vibrate functions except on incoming calls

    If you think it's a hassle to change the settings, I recommend MySettings from Market.
  8. largecharge

    largecharge Well-Known Member

    my phone worked fine for a few months then the phone started randomly freezing. so good luck with yours.......it's entirely up to you if you want to do the update.

    this what i was told by a rogers tech regarding the
    Hard Reset “Key combination Fix”.
    the reset is done with the butttons themself. While the phone is on hold the Volume (up or down on the left side) menu (action button, front middle) and the camera button (right side) at the same time and it will reset.

    i would think the software update would hold. the 1.6 is the os (operating system) only. i hope i'm right.

    hope this helps;
  9. 3radc

    3radc New Member

    If you are having battery issues with no data plan, try what I did. After finally talking to a rogers tech support guy who actually knew what he was doing, i was told to delete the access point that the phone is constantly trying to get to. Go to settings, wireless controls, mobile networks, access point names and delete whatever the access point is. If you ever want to use data on the phone just call rogers and they can restore it remotely by sending a message to your phone. I found that my battery life improved from 8-12hrs to about 3-5 days in doing this. The reason is that the phone is otherwise constantly trying to get on the data network when it can't

    Hope this helps.
  10. northyorkguy

    northyorkguy Active Member

    i went to the www.rogers.com/techsupport as it says in the instructions for software upgrading, but i couldn't find the file to upgrade with...

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