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UNA Service UpdateGeneral

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  1. yesmamm

    yesmamm New Member

    When I open the Samsung Apps, I see an information pop up that advises an Update is available. After tapping Ok It tries to update The UNA Service.
    This process happens every time I open Samsung Apps.

    Help please its most annoying.

  2. wuga

    wuga New Member

    Hey all... It just that there is no answer for this...

    And its an old thread.... Non the less I need to enlist help.

    So I as of the past month or two Samsung apps update has been trying to update "uma service" without success nor error. Samsung app store used to work just fine since I got this phone only 4 months ago... So im a smart phone noob....

    Samsung galaxy sght959d
    Gingerbread 2.3.4


  3. laxmikori

    laxmikori New Member


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