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Unable to access internet LG P500 to PC via Wifi Tethering

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  1. nancy30

    nancy30 Well-Known Member

    Hi I have LG Optimus P500 with Android 2.3.3 I tried enabling wifi tethering and it worked fine but when I tried to connect my laptop to it, it gave me a limited access error.
    Do I need to configure some encryption settings currently it is set to WPA2 psk

    Please help. :(

  2. I have gotten that error quite a few times. I think it happens because of error in connection with mobile data.
    Usually restarting the phone works for me.
  3. dushyant192

    dushyant192 New Member

    Go to download.com
    nd find "Virtual WiFi Router"
    it's easy nd very simple....

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