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Unable to Click the Install Button when installing APK's Galaxy S2 ICSTips

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  1. chirantha7777

    chirantha7777 Member

    I've been having this problem of Installing third party APK's on my Galaxy S2 ICS.

    The Problem

    Unable to click the install Button to install third party APK's even after removing security restrictions to do so.


    For some reason in ICS 4.0.X the APK install window conflicts with running Screen Filter/Dimmer overlays... So you cannot click the Install Button...


    Max out screen brightness and Disable any Screen Dimmer/Filter programs including some Battery Saving programs (ie. Juice Defender Ultimate) and then proceed to install the APK. Also to note that Paid Version of Lux Auto Brightness (which is also a dimmer) does recognize the problem and removes its overlay during a install... Smart eh?

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  2. NQuateman

    NQuateman Well-Known Member

    I'm having the same problem with an S3 on jelly bean 4.1.1. I've maxed the brightness and can't seem to find any apps controlling the screen. Other than doing a system reset and starting from scratch, does anyone have any other suggestions?
  3. TomasNM

    TomasNM New Member

    Hi guys.

    This issue has something to do with apps,those are system overlayed(yes,Screen Filter as well). I got it once on Gingerbread also,now I upgraded my Note to JB and same problem appears with my overlayed app,that I developed for my use.
    Can someone explain,what has system overlay to do with the Install button and how to prevent it in future development?

  4. NQuateman

    NQuateman Well-Known Member

    I can't explain, but if you contact the Dev for TEAM Battery Bar, I think he can. He's the one that gave me helpful info on this as an end user, and mentioned that he'd contact the Dev for the app that was causing my problem.
  5. gobbo712

    gobbo712 New Member

    the cause is no screen dimmer overlay whatsoever, the cause is that cyanogenmod has disabled this feature altogether. among others. It is intriguing why these people have produced a mod that disables custom apk install.
  6. Slug

    Slug Check six! Moderator

    All of the previous posters were using stock Samsung firmware.
  7. Saketh Ram

    Saketh Ram New Member

    I had a similar issue. I disabled my screen filter and then I was able to install the APK file. Weird, but works!

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