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Unable to configure BSNL 3G on Samsung Galaxy Note (India)Support

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  1. darkmav

    darkmav Well-Known Member


    I have a Galaxy Note with a BSNL Prepaid SIM on which 3G has been activated by BSNL. However, I am unable to configure the access points and retrieve settings for the internet and MMS APNs, because it seems BSNL's send a message to 58355 to get handset configuration service does not recognize this phone. When I called their customer service on 1503, the folks there were also clueless and after 3 phone calls, I gave up trying to get information from them.

    I am sure someone with a Galaxy S2 (which has been around much longer now) must have used BSNL 3G in India. How was it configured?

    I tried adding 'bsnllive' manually as the access point, but this does not help.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. red dragon

    red dragon New Member

    It is simple really,just write bsnlnet(not bsnllive) as APN,you are done.
    Reboot and enjoy.
    I do not have the note,but I guess it must be same for GS2,which I have.
  3. darkmav

    darkmav Well-Known Member

  4. darkmav

    darkmav Well-Known Member

    Has anyone noticed significant downtime on BSNL 3G over the past few days? My Note is unable to stay connected to the 3G network for a significant period. Could there be a bug in the Note's firmware? Packet data is activated.
  5. ayongkot

    ayongkot Well-Known Member

    i'm in europe and maybe this is not the case in your area, but here the apn setting automatically done upon inserting a new sim. if this is not the case, i simply go to settings/mobile networks/APN hit menu and click on reset to default then reboot your phone. apn settings should be automatically restored.

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