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unable to connect my android galaxy 3 i5801 to computerSupport

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  1. deepanshu gand

    deepanshu gand New Member

    i am un able to connect myandroid galaxy 3 i5801 to computer wit kies software i am having kies of latest version it comes wriiten that anable to connect to galaxy 3 I5801reterive . any body help me out

  2. Mugan

    Mugan New Member

    I also have this problem. What can I do for this. When I connect to pc it didn't connect internet. Anyone help please.
  3. vk77

    vk77 New Member

    hi i also had a same problemo, den i update my kies version n nw its working properly... try 2 update kies version
  4. daplim

    daplim New Member

    Same problem - set as mass storage devive but nothing. I'm on Windows7. Does that make problem worse?
  5. marcelf

    marcelf Well-Known Member

    I had the same problem. I completely unistalled the kies software, and usb driver software, then reinstalled. now it works fine.


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