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  1. djrams

    djrams New Member

    Hi Everyone,:)

    I'm using samsung galaxy ace. I mobile service provider is Vodafone(India).
    I'm using internet pack of 4gb per month. I can access internet in my mobile without any problem.

    But how do connect the internet to my laptop. I have samsung kies software, but it does not have any connect option, I have searched the whole software.

    I tried USB tathering but it didn't conect me to internet. I could see the network and device name in the list of connections at bottom right corner. But i'm not able to access the internet. :(

    Please Help me connect to internt.

  2. Shehrox

    Shehrox New Member

    same problem
  3. ayush29k

    ayush29k Well-Known Member

    I don't use my phone to run the internet on my laptop so i don't know the exact solution but i think you can look for tethering apps on play store that might help you, you can also use your bluetooth or wifi to connect. ACE can be used as a wifi hotspot and you can connect your laptop to it until you get a better tethering solution.

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