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    Underline New Member

    Hi...im new in this forum.
    Got for almost 10 months a Galaxy Tab 8.9 (P7300: only Wi-Fi).
    And i wanted to explore it more...so i rooted it and installed cyanogenmod 9.
    Now i want to come back to stock. Did...(hope i did with the correct firmware P7300XWKI3). Now i heard about the update to ICS and i wanted to check manually because i was too lazy to search online...but when i click "About device > Software updates > Update" appears a black bar where it says : "Unable to connect to network".
    Reinstalled the firmware...same problem.
    Any ideea how may i fix it...? :(

    P.S... the GPS sometimes can't locate me ( but it always appears that black bar saying "Your current location is temporarly unavailable" )

  2. Underline

    Underline New Member

    Now i am not sure anymore that P7300XWKI3 is the correct one...what actually is the XWKI3 termination?

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