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Support Unable to disable full screen calendar notifications after Jelly Bean upgrade

  1. ultimatebob

    ultimatebob New Member

    Hi Gang,

    I noticed that I'm no longer able to disable full screen calendar notifications after I installed the Jelly Bean update to my Verizon Galaxy SIII.

    Even though I can disable the option in the calendar settings, it re-enables itself when I restart the phone. Not cool.

    Has anyone found a workaround for this, or do we know when Verizon will issue a patch to rectify the issue? The full screen calendar notifications are really annoying.

    I also posted this on the Verizon support forum, but got no meaningful responses. Wow... that forum really sucks.

  2. ultimatebob

    ultimatebob New Member

    I found the solution in another post... it seems that the Google Calendar and Samsung calendar applications conflict with each other's settings. Uninstalling Google Calendar fixes the issue.

    Good stuff!

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