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Unable to display weather data on lock screenSupport

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  1. simonwootton

    simonwootton Member

    Just received a new Galaxy S2 from Orange. However, on the lock screen I get 'unable to display weather data', even though it's ticked under display settings and all 'location services' are also ticked. Android version is 4.0.3, handset is GT-I9100P. Any help gratefully received, it's not a showstopper but I'd like to enable the feature if possible. Cheers :)

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  2. Lisarid

    Lisarid New Member


    I am having the same problem, only found it today.
    when I click on the weather setting, the screen goes blank for a few moment and them tells me setting has unexpectantly had to stop and it also doesnt show the weather on the lock screen even though ive checkedthe box.

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