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Unable to download MMSSupport

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  1. htcherolover

    htcherolover Active Member

    Hey guys, My friend sent me an MMS but it says that the download was unsuccessful. Any way to fix this?

  2. fmatic

    fmatic New Member

    This is one of the annoying issues with Hero. Similar problems here. Not sure what is main reason for this but with my experiences it's something with size of the MMS. Earlier I never cannot download MMS which was over 60kt but I found solution which works here in Finland with my operator (Saunalahti/Elisa) network.

    I just change my APN settings to:

    MMS Port: 8080
    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0

    This solve my problem...
  3. htcherolover

    htcherolover Active Member

    Yep that's part of my APN too... umm i sometimes click "download" and it whites out and appears back. Does that mean it's successful? If so, where do I view the downloaded MMS? Half the time it says that the download was unsuccessful.
  4. Champmoney

    Champmoney Active Member

    On mine i leave my data off cause it wastes the battery too much, but i have to turn my data on to be able to download a mms. If that helps at all. Then the picture just appears where you pressed download.

    Hope that helps but thats what i do.
  5. joshdat3reak

    joshdat3reak New Member

    Thank you solved my problem! Everyone, make sure you 'Disable Data Connection' in order to download MMS messages. I tried using just my WiFi connection but it needs to be downloaded through your networks GPRS.

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