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Unable to download or upgrade apps from Android MarketSupport

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  1. meld51

    meld51 Member

    Hello, Over the last few weeks I tried to download or upgrade apps but it always fails. I always get the message: "Download was unsuccessful please try again". When I go to the android market and look at the help front page there is a link called "Download Issues Troubleshooting page". The fix described in here does not work for my phone.

    How do I make my phone work properly again.

    Also, I am on Android 1.6 but I cannot upgrade to 2.2. The PC Companion says that I have an up to date phone.

    All help appreciated

  2. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

  3. gunny5821

    gunny5821 Well-Known Member

    Do the following:

    Homescreen > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Market (Uninstall Updates)

    Than try the Market again. Should be good to go..
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  4. meld51

    meld51 Member

    That seems to work OK thanks.
  5. brama1972

    brama1972 New Member

    i am using LG GT540. Download from market says unsucessfrll for all applications
  6. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

    Try the steps posted above.
  7. Wisenos

    Wisenos Well-Known Member

    where are you from? and what'S your carrier
  8. paulm22

    paulm22 Member

    I'm using a HTC Desire - I have tried the uninstall updates but apps still fail to install, so annoying. The Desire is rooted
  9. paulm22

    paulm22 Member

    and if the same question applies to me im in the UK on the network '3'
  10. X10iUser

    X10iUser Well-Known Member

    It applies to all Android users.
  11. paulm22

    paulm22 Member

    so do you have any advice?
  12. rosered

    rosered VIP Member VIP Member

    The best advice if removing automatic updates doesn't sort it for you is to keep trying.... the problem seems intermittent and judging by the Android Market forum is pretty wide spread. Also try over wifi than 3g as again this seems to have worked for some people. Turning the phone off and on has also been reported to get it to work too at times.
  13. cooldood48

    cooldood48 New Member

    I have just got a lg Optimus GT540 from Tesco Direct, i can't download free or paid apps from the Android market. The free one says starting download but doesn't The paid one says authorising purchase but does nothing, downloading via my home wifi network.
  14. susanephan

    susanephan New Member

    I've been having this DOWNLOAD UNSUCCESSFUL problem for days and I just resolved it (at least for now). I had tried all the clearing cache suggestions and nothing made any difference. I found the app I wanted on a different download site than android market and was able to download it from there. Then I went back to the market and tried the download of the same app and IT WORKED! So, maybe folks having this problem could try that??
  15. tallapudi

    tallapudi Member

    thank you very much!it worked for me!
  16. nikwhitwham

    nikwhitwham New Member

    :)Brilliant. THANKS!
  17. goathouse774

    goathouse774 Member

    *I feel the need to repost my (the following) rant in applicable threads because nobody seems to have picked up on this and a lot of people have had this problem (I'm still suffering from it now.)*

    I've been pouring over the various threads regarding this issue and am stunned by the incompetence of the internet. All this blah blah about clearing this or that cache and reformatting this or that sd card are nonsense. Want to know why? Because this can happen to two entirely different devices on your google account AT THE SAME TIME. My tablet and my phone (different carriers, same google account) both came down with this affliction simultaneously last night, so obviously it has nothing to do with all of these local fixes everyone is spewing. End of rant. Let's get this right, people.
  18. beau420

    beau420 Well-Known Member

    There is no 1 way to fix every single problem.

    If tells you in the instructions when upgrading from 2.1 to 2.3 to do a factory reset after 2.3 is installed to wipe out old userdata from 2.1 that can affect the .conf files in 2.3.

    Very very few do it.

    But doing a factory reset will prevent some of these problems people are having. As does clearing cache after an upgrade.....it basically wipes out that old userdata.

    What good does your ranting do?

    I have had problems on the market where it is just some apps that aren't downloading. I have had other issues where it is completely not accessing it. I have had missing settings that have cause it.

    There are several ways to fix issues. Even if the problem is the same, there are different reasons.

    If you want help, please create a new thread and explain your issue. Hopefully your issue does get resolved, but people on here won't be helpful if you just rant and knock people's proven solutions.
  19. Sam-SonyXperia

    Sam-SonyXperia Well-Known Member

    This issue generally occurs when there has been an issue with the applying of an update to the Market application itself. This can generally be resolved by following the steps below:

    Main Menu > Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > All > Market > Uninstall Updates > Re-Launch Market.
  20. mharrsch

    mharrsch New Member

    I have a rooted Nook color and have been unable to download from the Android Market most of the time. If I get up at 4 a.m. PST sometimes I can get it to work but this is very frustrating. I tried the Uninstall Updates trick mentioned in this thread but I still got an error when I try to download Blood and Glory this morning. Qwest (Century Link) is my internet provider and I have 20 mbps internet speed. My Amazon App Store works smoothly without a hitch but Blood and Glory is not available there. I don't mean to sound cranky but since this seems to be such a common problem with so many people (based on threads I have read), why doesn't Google redesign the Market delivery program so that it will work as smoothly as Amazon's does? This issue will only get worse with the plethora of Android tablets now being sold for Christmas gifts.

    One suggestion I have not tried is to clone the MAC address on the router. Could someone explain that process please? My router is a Motorola 3347.

    Quite honestly, though, how does Google expect the Android Market to be a success if people have to have a technology background to get their devices to work with it? If the problem is in the autodetect device compatibility issue, why don't they give us a setting to turn that sequence off and let us decide for ourselves if we are going to chance it or not? Or give us a list of basic requirements like accelerometer, etc. required for this app and let us make the decision? If accessing the Apple App Store had been this difficult, iTunes would have been a total disaster.
  21. Frederick1337

    Frederick1337 Member

    This is resolved mods. The simple fix to bypass the block put on in order to cause illegal down loads from verious sites in order to take them out of business and to push cloud into fame over megaupload and usurp thier monies was to just install clockworkmod recovery for your specific phone and boot to recovery, then wipe cache and dalvik cach and viola! reason this had to be done is that the block was put on by android developers and hardware manufacturers in order to boost illegal downloading before they tried to push p.i.p.a. and s.o.p.a., that way they removed wiping dalvik cache and blocking most users from ever recovering thier market ability. Current investigation is linked to the one going on over the FAST and FURIOUS scandal. the creation of ideological subverts "THE ANONYMOUS" hackers group and subsequently the "trigger capture" ploy that was then used on the hacking communities soviet "sleeper" cells.
    Current investigation has over four agencies with possible rogue agents, including the west coast F.B.I.
  22. smitzer6

    smitzer6 New Member

    I had the same issue....

    I tried the whole remove updates thing, I tried the delete apps, turn off gmail, gtalk etc. etc. etc.

    What you need to try before all of that is to confirm that Media background data is not turned off. Download Manager is a component of Media.

    Settings>Usage>Media make sure Media back ground data is not disabled, i.e. is not ticked. I ticked this when I was tinkering with the settings... and for 3 weeks I couldn't work out why I couldn't download apps via 3g/4g.
  23. shariff gold

    shariff gold New Member

    I have lg gt 540 it says vending market has stoped doesent work i cant download

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