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  1. bidboy

    bidboy Member

    Installed a new firmware but forgot to do a backup :mad: . Been able to download all my apps again from the market, but when I try to download anything from the Samsung apps folder ( 8 items ), I get the message ' Network unavailable '. Anyone had the same problem ?.

  2. -Ollie-

    -Ollie- Well-Known Member

    I had randomly the "network unavailable" message, mostly in the first days after I got the phone. It got better and better through time.
    I am not sure if it helps, but maybe you will see the same thing after a firmware update?
  3. snapper.fishes

    snapper.fishes Well-Known Member

    Btw, you can't backup most of the apps unless if your phone is rooted.
  4. bidboy

    bidboy Member

    Phone is rooted. Use MyBackupPro & Titanium to be on the safe side. This time I decided to have a good clean out & formatted the external & internal sd cards without saving to pc first, so I lost my backups. Just annoyed that I cannot download Asphalt5.
  5. footinmud

    footinmud New Member

    I had the same problem, i connected up to wi-fi and then it was able to download. but i still get the same problem with samsung apps when im using my 3G outside of big metro areas.

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