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Support Unable to download text...

  1. NewToNote79

    NewToNote79 New Member

    First post, hopefully the last...

    I received a text message and when I hit Download, I get a "Currently unable to download. Please try again later."

    I've been trying "later" for an hour.

    Any suggestions on how to resolve this?

    Brand new (not even a week) Galaxy Note


  2. GiggityGiggity

    GiggityGiggity Well-Known Member

    Is it an SMS or an MMS? If it's an MMS mobile data (3G) has to be enabled to download it.
  3. biker74

    biker74 Well-Known Member

    Is it definitely an SMS? I dont see why you would be downloading an sms.
  4. Bob3104558

    Bob3104558 Member

    Its worth a try, someone helped me out when i had this problem, i would link it but i couldent find the post but first make sure wireless is off and you have 3g/4g then if that doesnt work go into settings, wireless and network, mobile networks, access point names, you should see At&t pta or whatever carrier, hit the menu button and hit reset to defaults and try it out.

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