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Unable to edit contactsSupport

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  1. csparvanov

    csparvanov New Member


    I just bought my Galaxy Tab 2 10" recently and when I started editing my contacts, I found a problem. Every time when I press "edit contact" the program crashes and it gives me the "unfortunately, Contacts has stopped".

    Any ideas ?

    Thank you!

  2. TBuckton

    TBuckton Member

    Same Problem here..........where is that Samsung geniuses to help us out.
  3. Romulous

    Romulous Well-Known Member

    A factory reset would more than likely clear this, although you would lose all your data/info.

    If your Tab is unrooted, download Kies, and install.


    Once installed, connect your tablet and see if there is an update for ICS available, this may help to resolve the issue that you are experiencing.

    You can also check and install updates for the tab over your network, go into settings - about tab and check for updates, however i found this to be extremely unreliable.

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