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  1. junkeeroo

    junkeeroo Member

    Hi All,

    I've bought 3 unlock codes from ebay for my Tmobile MyTouch 3G (latest 3.5mm version) and every time my emails come back with "unlock code not found." Any ideas why this is happening? One of the sellers told me that my phone is not listed in the manufacturer's database. I did talk to one seller and he said it would take 1-2 weeks?! Now this has got me nervous that perhaps I've bought sketchy mytouchs off of ebay...is this possible?

    Any insights appreciated. Thanks.

    UPDATE: just spoke with someone who said the problem is that the latest tmobile mytouchs are not in HTC's database but in Tmobile's database and unlocking has to be done through them? He's gonna check my IMEI to see if he can get me a code...he'll charge me if he does.

  2. junkeeroo

    junkeeroo Member

    So after a few days of checking around with unlockers...there's 3 methods to check for unlock codes. Both the HTC and Tmobile databases have come up empty. There's a 3rd method that takes 1-2 weeks. Seems that the phone is either stolen or a promo...in which case there's no IMEI code listed/available to unlock. The last scenario is that because it's a newer version of the MyTouch, the databases just might not be updated.

    Anyone successfully have their 3.5mm version MyTouch successfully unlocked by someone other than Tmobile?

  3. ayush20m

    ayush20m Well-Known Member

    Stolen does not mean that IMEI number will not be present with either t-mobile or HTC. If it is stolen and the owner has reported the IMEI number you will not be able to use the phone on any network (be it unlocked).

    Check using a T-mobile sim card to see if you get the network on it or not. If not, you might wanna use paypal to get your money back from the seller and leave a nasty review.
  4. junkeeroo

    junkeeroo Member

    Thanks for the reply. From what I understand, if a phone is reported stolen to a provider, the unlock code for the phone's IMEI will never be released so that the phone is not able to be unlocked and used elsewhere with other providers. I have the T-mobile sim card...it works...but all unlockers have failed. Be wary of buying a Tmobile Mytouch 3G if it ain't unlocked and you want to use it elsewhere. I'm returning my phones to the seller.
  5. ayush20m

    ayush20m Well-Known Member

    Not really. If the phone is stolen and the IMEI number reported, you will not be able to use the phone on any US carrier. So since your phone works on T-mobile network, it means the phone is not stolen or the IMEI number is not yet reported (if stolen).

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