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  1. choke5150

    choke5150 Member

    whenever i plug in my transformer into my laptop i get an error message that reads ,unable to mount error 60 . Illl try to post a screenshot. im at work now and wanted to try to solve this. if it helps im running ubuntu not windows. any help is appreciated.i read a little and it sounds like i may need to install a TMP program to pick it up? im obviously not sure. thanks

  2. AutobahnSHO

    AutobahnSHO Well-Known Member

    Windows uses drivers which come from installing Media player- the TF mounts as a media device.

    I googled "ubuntu mount asus transformer" and found tons of stuff. ;)
  3. choke5150

    choke5150 Member

    thanks for such a fast reply. i did try the Gmtp application from the omg ubuntu site, i probaly googled the same phrase. but i was unable to get it to read still. i was hoping for someone with linux experiance as i am very new at this. i can gather that apparently the asus is defaulted or primarily meant for the windows system and bein a new guy im hesitant running programs from the terminal still. so to put it short i thank you for your reply i was hoping for a lazy mans fix

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