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  1. Kromastorm

    Kromastorm Active Member

    hi all,
    I had recently reset my optimus one as it seemed a little bit slow to me. After that I reinstalled all the apps which I had installed previously. Everything is fine except the keypad sound. I have turned the Audible Touch Tones in Settings-->Sound, but still the keypad sound is coming. I am unable to understand the reason for it. Before reset, I did not have this problem, all of a sudden this strange issue has come up.

    Does anyone know how to fix this problem?

  2. usudarsan1982

    usudarsan1982 New Member

    if the ringer volume is reduced fully, you will not get the sound, but anyways even i need to know if there is anyother solution for this
  3. BillTan

    BillTan Member

    You went to the wrong place.

    Go to Setting, Language & keyboard, select the keyboard type, uncheck Sound on keypress.
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