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  1. samandar

    samandar Member


    I bought my droid razr 3 days back, and now I have found that I am not receiving any texts from anywhere. :mad:
    I know my fiance is texting me, but i am not getting those message.
    I searched online for solution and but didn't get much help.
    I restarted my phone, and then I got some messages(not all) after some minutes.

    I smsed myself many times for check and I am not getting my own sent messages always. 50 % of them are getting lost.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    More Info:
    I updated to ICS (OTA from motorola servers) 2 days back.
    I am able to use all other features, and it is indeed great phone.

  2. Admack

    Admack Well-Known Member

    Sounds like your phone was not provisioned correctly when it was activated or the network is having issues. Either way sounds like you'll have to call your carrier.
  3. samandar

    samandar Member

    It was a factory unlocked phone.
    And i just inserted my old SIM inside to use it.

    Everything else is fine except the message receiving part!!
  4. Admack

    Admack Well-Known Member

    Still likely a network or provisioning issue with the new phone. Highly unlikely it's an issue with the phone. Good luck
  5. samandar

    samandar Member

    Can someone tell me if it is the OS issue or the carrier.
    Because such issues were also found on different phones and different carriers.

    Also, can someone tell me if rooting the device and installing a different OS can solve this issue?

    Everyone can understand how texting is important
  6. razrclive

    razrclive Well-Known Member

    Have you done a factory reset after updating to ICS?
  7. samandar

    samandar Member

    Yes just today.
    May be it would help.

    Let me check if the issue is still there or not for the whole day.
    I would tell u
  8. RocktimusCrime

    RocktimusCrime New Member

    I'm having the exact same issue. Can't receive calls, texts and my contact auto fill doesn't work for calls or texts.
    I have done a factory reset, got a new sim card, and just spent half an hour on the phone with a subpar verizon tech.

    So far no fixie.
  9. samandar

    samandar Member

    I am going to instal a new android in this phone this weekend, if the problem persists.
    That would probably fix that issue(however I would lose my warranty) :(

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