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unable to reconnect to home wifi after first successful connectionSupport

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  1. imadman

    imadman New Member

    Hi guys,

    I recently bought my betouch and for what i paid for it I'm pretty satisfied with it... there are some 'issues' with it though, the only one that HAS to get fixed is the wifi. My phone was at first pefectly capable to find and connect to my home network. After a day or so i wanted to reconnect to my network but it tells me it is 'remembered, out of range'. I went as close as an inch to the antennas and it still wouldn't do it, though 2 computers(mind you, they are 2 floors up from it) are. I then, after a reboot and stuff, unremembered the network and now it's not even capable of finding my network. I know pretty much about computers but i'm pretty new to android.

    Any clues to what I can do to fix this( I've already vaguely heard about a hard reset and i know what that does to your pda so please consider other options first)

    Thank you very much in advance,


  2. prashant73

    prashant73 New Member

    Yes, even I have the same problem, do you got any solution for this problem. If you have any pleasen forward to me
  3. imadman

    imadman New Member

    Factory resetting worked...

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