Unable to restore Factory setting or reset A57 Micromax Ninja.

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  1. ankitv147

    ankitv147 New Member

    I have a micromax Ninja A57 mobile phone which is currently unrooted.
    When the phone was rooted I cleared some of the folders which I thought was not helpful and deleted contents of Dalvik Cache folder.
    Now the problem is that I am unable to reset the phone to factory setting using the restore factory settings in menu.
    When I do so the phone restarts and hangs at the startup splash screen and doesnt goes further.
    Its the same when I restart the phone using volume+power key combination.
    So, is there some way I can reset the phone to original settings using PC and restore the original OS of my cell.

    Thanks - Ankit

  2. Frisco

    Frisco =Luceat Lux Vestra= VIP Member

    Hello and welcome to the forums, ankitv.

    You're in a difficult situation because the root/unroot procedures for that device are not as evolved as many other Android devices. In addition, needed files have been removed, so the functionality is, as you know, just not there. ;)

    I would try re-rooting, just to have a functional phone. Read the root guide and find out if you can successfully go through the steps to get it rooted again: http://androidforums.com/a57-all-th...romax-a57-ninja-3-just-5-min.html#post4963116

    Post back your results. Meanwhile, I'm hoping others with the A57 will post here about other possible remedies for you.
  3. arpitdancehack

    arpitdancehack New Member

    hey bro i m facing the same problem even i need some help plzzz help me:mad::mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:
  4. Adarshc

    Adarshc New Member

    I did it but its not work i m still not able to Factory restore my a57 neither am i able to cwm my phone plz plz plz help me out.....
  5. vaibhav007

    vaibhav007 New Member

    hi i have same problem here and my mobiles screen is not responding right now is there is solution for recover my phone by using PC
  6. amitcenation

    amitcenation New Member

    even i'm facing the same problem.......plz somebody hlp.....to reset my ninja a57:(
  7. chandsingh2007

    chandsingh2007 New Member

    hey just try this
    push ur home button n enter in setting
    than in setting enter account n synchronization
    in that add a google account. of ur
    than go to ur pc n login in google play with that google account
    n download a ftl lite launcher

    downloading start automatically in ur phone if it is connected with wifi or have data pack
    when it install u will get a new launcher theme on ur blanked home screen
    just try it n reply if it works

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