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  1. ashman70

    ashman70 Member

    Just picked up a used Milestone and I need to enter the APN so I can use data on my carrier in Canada (Fido) whenever I go to create an APN, when I am done and click on save, it disappears as if I had never created one.

    Anyone know why this is? Milestone is 2.1

  2. AC0047

    AC0047 Member

    Are you trying to change either the MCC or MNC fields? These can't be changed hence the reason why you can't save.
  3. 4mynikka

    4mynikka Member

    Make sure you have your sim card is installed. And just double check that you're entering the right settings
  4. ashman70

    ashman70 Member

    The MCC and MNC fields demand that I enter values, no matter what I enter, it doesn't save the values. My sim card is installed properly, voice works just fine, just not data.
  5. chyau.00

    chyau.00 Well-Known Member

    there should alraedy be MCC and MNC values when u create it
  6. KlaymenDK

    KlaymenDK Well-Known Member

    Maybe it's an Android OS bug ... I have a Galaxy, and my APN frequently goes MIA. It's fixable with a reboot, usually.
  7. ashman70

    ashman70 Member

    Turns out, so I have heard that is has to do with the sim card being old and not a newer 3G sim, will be getting a new sim card tomorrow and try it.

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