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  1. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Well-Known Member

    Looked through forums and got 2 answers. First, quick settings bug, however I have never dl'd quick settings. Second was an HTC bug that was being worked on.

    Can anyone confirm any of this, and if they have had picture txt problems is there a fix other than factory reset?


  2. mulberry

    mulberry Member

  3. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Well-Known Member

    yeah no go on that, my picture was already resized I get an error message stating generic network failure unable to send.
  4. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Well-Known Member

    Was just searching for the same issue.
    I was getting a generic network issue and wasn't getting 3G in spots I was prior to trying battery tips. I did a factory reset and it fixed both issues, although now my gf is just receiving blank messages instead of pix.

    On a side note, don't be afraid to do a factory reset as long as you sync. I was afraid at first but will never hesitate to do it again.
  5. secretLOVER

    secretLOVER Well-Known Member

    To clarify my previous post, she was receiving them after factory reset. Now, a week later, she's not.
  6. DroidPower

    DroidPower Well-Known Member

    this seems to be a on going problem with no clear answer...keeps getting posted without a solution.

    when i snap a photo, then i go to share-it and resizing the photo starts, then i send it and i get an error failed to send message.
  7. jbuck1984

    jbuck1984 Well-Known Member

    yeah, it must be a handful of phones with the issue. The only thing that seems to fix it is a factory reset. Which at this point I'm really not ready to do. I just got my home screens looking nice and I don't want to put in the time to do it again.

    Hopefully there is a fix that doesn't requrie factory reset.
  8. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    no problems for me. Just sent from my Inc to my BB storm 2 and took all of 1 minute to send and recieve
  9. DroidPower

    DroidPower Well-Known Member

    BB storm 2... thanks... but this is HTC Incredible thread.
  10. howarmat

    howarmat Well-Known Member

    did you fail reading classes?
  11. DroidPower

    DroidPower Well-Known Member

    No... but thanks for helping out.
  12. a.ijaz

    a.ijaz Member

    Hey guys

    I don't know if this will help. But i had the same error "generic network failure" after only having my HTC desire for couple weeks. I am on o2 sim simplicity and purchased the handset separately.

    However, i resolved it by manually setting up the WEB&MMS.

    This guide is based on a HTC Desirethat has been unlocked and is now running a O2 SIM card.

    Click 'menu' and select 'wireless & networks'.

    Ensure Mobile network is enabled (ticked green) then select 'mobile networks' (setting options for roaming and APNs)

    Click on Access Points Names asvyou will need to set up 2 x APNs on the handset.

    First one is for your mobile internet. Remember that if you do not have the unlimited web bolt on then this will start to get very expensive for you! You need to enter this information in. If there is nothing written for a paticular field then just leave it blank.

    Mobile Web:
    Name: o2
    APN: mobile.o2.co.uk
    Username: web
    Password: web
    MCC: 234
    MNC: 10

    select 'menu' and 'save' before going back from the settings to the APNs page. Yours O2 will be listed.

    Following this select 'menu' and 'New APN' to set up your MMS, APN details are as following:

    Name: MMS
    APN: wap.o2.co.uk
    Username: o2wap
    Password: password
    Server: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
    MMSC: http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 8080
    MCC: 243
    MNC: 10

    Now once these two seperate APN's have been entered and you have made sure you saved them you should see a grey circle next to each one.

    Click on the MMS circle and it should now have a green light inside it.

    Re-Boot the handset.

    You should now have mobile internet and MMS capabilities [​IMG]

    Just remember that these are the settings that worked for me on my HTC Magic unlocked and used with a O2 SIMplicity card with a unlimited web bolt on. Make sure you have a data package otherwise your phone bills will be massive! If in doubt check with O2 to make sure your not being charged for the data etc. I cannot be held responsible!

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