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  1. rjfd

    rjfd New Member

    hello, i just recently bought a Samsung galaxy ace and i am unable to send or receive picture texts, it just gives me the message " currently unable to send your message. will keep trying until service is available" and it will not send but i can send normal texts just fine. i have looked all over and i cannot fix this problem. my plan includes unlimited texting of all forms (picture, audio, video and whatnot). any help would be greatly appreciated.

    when i get picture or video texts i just get a message to visit telusmobility.com/snap but the login always fails.

  2. GrahamF

    GrahamF Well-Known Member

    Hi, welcome. Do you know you have to be connected to the internet to send/receive MMS messages on an Android phone?? This will solve it I'm sure. Check your settings that you are set to automatically send/receive MMS's & all should be good once you are connected to the web. Must be on packet data not wifi. Hope this helps. GrahamF. London :)
  3. shaneydroid

    shaneydroid Well-Known Member

    My missus has been having a similar problem and we found the only way to get them to send was to make sure wi-fi is turned off (it is usually turned on at home).

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