Unable to shut off the text to speech voice during callsSupport

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  1. darkcastle

    darkcastle Member

    When I'm on a call and a new email comes in, I hear a very LOUD "You have X new emails". I have checked the following:

    Voice Input and Output - Text To Speech Settings - Driving Mode is unchecked
    Accessibility - Accessiblity is unchecked
    Accessibility - TalkBack is unchecked
    DriveSmart is OFF

  2. rayhipkiss

    rayhipkiss Well-Known Member

    Go to Settings > Call settings > All calls and scroll down to Alerts on call and select it. A menu will appear with the following options; Off, Sound, Voice and Vibration. Select Off to disable all alerts or Sound to give a Beep for alerts or Vibration which gives a vibration to alert you to some other event.

  3. darkcastle

    darkcastle Member

    I checked that, it is set to Vibration. I can't see how that would affect a text-to-speech message saying "you have X new emails" when I'm on a call?

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