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  1. mark5019

    mark5019 Well-Known Member Contributor

    in office building, yet others can its wild how a verizon user can do what i want and yet they have 4 bars ans i dont

  2. alextop30

    alextop30 Well-Known Member

    unfortunatelly if you work in the same type of office building I do you will not be able to get much data unless you are next to a window. I work in downtown Chicago in one of the big buildings there and data very very slow because there is no windows (just walls). There is pretty much nothing you can do other than hooking up a micro cell device which your job would probably not allow to run off of secure internet access. Varizon for some reason has very good coverage and LTE does help too. So I am sorry to say that you are just out of luck.
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  3. mark5019

    mark5019 Well-Known Member Contributor

    glad i dont work and its only when im taking my sister to drs but frustrating to see this when my contract is done im leaving tmobile
  4. Bandaid

    Bandaid Well-Known Member

    I could understand your frustration but Verizon will charge you for anything and everything on any of there cell plans.

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