Unable to use Screencast with LG Optimus SSupport

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  1. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Well-Known Member Contributor

    Unable to connect screencast unless the phone is rooted and flashed with a custom ROM (CyanogenMOD 7). Is there a special setting for the phone and/or screencast to use screencast on an unrooted phone?

    Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. Ed Vim

    Ed Vim Active Member

    Along with the rooted requirement, it states on the Google Play site that:
    "This app is incompatible with your Sprint LGE LS670."
    Just a guess but the older processor/shy on memory hardware of our Optimus S phones just don't have the resources to run Screencast.
  3. NetSpeedZ

    NetSpeedZ Well-Known Member Contributor

    If what you say were true, then screencast would not operate on the phone regardless of what OS or custom ROM you had. As my initial question stated, the phone works fine with screencast with CyanogenMOD installed. I was just looking for a way to get the phone to work with screencast BEFORE installing a custom ROM.


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