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  1. moodswang

    moodswang Active Member

    My Sprint HTC hero is rooted running Fresh 2.1.2 and whenever I open superuser or try to run an app that requires root I just get a black screen that says (Su Request) at the top and it just stays their and does nothing. Any takers on how to actually launch the program that requires root or what to do with this screen?

    Problem programs:

    Superuser Permission

  2. moodswang

    moodswang Active Member

    Nevermind guys I found the answer:

    In case anybody else has this problem the fix is below.

    Superuser Permissions program hangs (usually with a black screen or even a force close) at the
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  3. cobbguy

    cobbguy New Member

    Clear cache worked for me. Thanks friend. [D1 Bugless Beast]
  4. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    That is very useful information, moodswang. Thanks for posting your solution for everyone to see. :D

    Sometimes people answer their own thread and say they figured their problem out. Unfortunately, they forget to post the solution that could help others. ;)
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  5. DexDroid

    DexDroid New Member

    thanks for this . it works on my D1
  6. tc3121

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  8. sweetb2006

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  9. LBPHeretic

    LBPHeretic Well-Known Member

    As far as I know, SuperUser does not need USB Debugging to be enabled to work properly. To be honest, you only need USB Debugging for a select few things and you should already know when you do need it if you are enabling it.

    My approach on SuperUser not working would be to reinstall it from the Google Play Store. Additionally, make sure that the binaries that it is using are updated, which you can do right within the SuperUser app itself.
  10. jlee133541

    jlee133541 New Member

    The reality is that without debug enabled SU will not grant root to requesting Apps on a number of devices. My Samsung Stratosphere and a HTC Incredible 2 that I rooted for a friend. Both are running Gingerbread. The Strat 2.3.5. The HTC 2.3.4. Debug has to be enabled on both for SU to grant root. Don't know if its the OS or chain dd's SU implementation / App. He claims its everones fault that they can't uninstall his SU App because they choose to install it in the System folder... Google play is not allowed to installing it there blah blah. How about you just zip.us up an uninstall the same way you zipped up your SU install App. Sorry about getting a little off topic.

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