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    Sep 15, 2011
    I have a standard Galaxy s2 which is only a couple of weeks old. In the UK on O2.
    Now according to O2, i can video call as part of my minutes a month so id like to use it! Its 50p per minute on payg otherwise :eek:

    Anyway, the first time i tried to video call, it said something about 3g. As im not up on this technology thing, i assumed it meant my signal was no good. I stood at the backdoor and tried it again & it worked, i managed to video call ! Walked back into the house it stayed connected.

    Thats the only video call ive been able to make. Everytime ive tried since, even immediately afer the first call, keeps saying 'unable to make video call. make voice call instead?' It doesnt mention anything about 3g (which i now know is the mobile inernet and not over wifi?)
    Even though i was connected via wifi the first time and it worked, ive even disconected from wifi so the mobile internet kicks in and is still the same.
    Ive called O2 and they dont seem to know, but i wanted to check that i didnt need to sign for it to enable it (although it worked that once!).

    So now im at a loss.

    Do i need to be connected to wifi or mobile internet to make a video call? I wouldnt have thought it was a necessity myself but from what i can gather, people are going on that you need an app, and connected to 3g? I dont even know how to connect to 3g, only to turn my wifi off so it connects to mobile internet. I didn use any app as it worked through the video cal button next to a contact details in my phone book in the first place. I dont want to use an app, as no one i know uses them!
    Oh, and yes, the phones im trying are video call compaable, HTC, IPHONE4, BB BOLD. The Bold person makes video calls all the time so there phone 100% does!

    Any ideas anyone please?

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    Sep 15, 2011
    Is there anyone with a suggestion?

    Or is there anyone that can explain the video calling if ive got it wrong as to how it works?

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    From what I have read of your post, you seem to have done your research into the subject quite thoroughly.

    I use my SGSII all the time for video calls, using the stock dial pad as well as using 3rd party app's such as Skype.

    A few things that you should check, (or maybe double check) are...

    1. That, first and foremost, you are in a strong 3G/WCDMA (HSDPA) signal area and that the recipient is also (as this will affect their end of the call). For instance, if I am in a good 3/3.5G signal area and the person I am calling is not, then the video call will default to audio.

    2. Make sure that in Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > Network mode... that you do not have GSM only selected.

    3. That the phone you are calling can actually receive and make video calls. The iPhone 4 and 4S cannot receive, by default, calls from phones other than other iPhone 4 and 4S's and that is over Wi-Fi only. This is a limitation of the iPhone. Also, not all Blackberry Bold's can make/receive video calls, (I do not know of any off hand that can) as with all HTC handsets. As a rule of thumb, if they do not possess a secondary, front facing, camera it is unlikely that they are video call capable.

    4. That your service provider supports video calling and that it is enacted on your account if required. Also that you have the correct APN settings for your service provider in Settings > Wireless and network > Mobile networks > Access Point names.

    I hope this helps. :D

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