"Unannounced 4G Cities" - How's the coverage there?

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  1. ragnarkar

    ragnarkar Well-Known Member

    It seems that VM's 4G coverage is a little more widespread that what VM's (or even Sprint's) coverage maps indicate. If you go to the following link, they have a list of "Unofficial" Sprint Unannounced 4G cities:

    Sprint Community: Current List of Sprint/Clear 4G Unannounced Cities


    Also, you can go onto Clearwire's coverage map and zoom into these cities; supposedly they have some coverage. (Clearwire provides the Wimax for Sprint and Virgin Mobile.) I hear they are provided by so-called "Protection Site" towers.

    4G Wimax Internet Coverage Map with Service Area | CLEAR

    I've not ventured into any of these "Unofficial" 4G areas with my Evo V yet but I've got friends who live in these areas and are considering this phone.

    If you live in any of these Unofficial 4G areas and are able to have access (even limited), please comment! Thanks.

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  2. coco3133

    coco3133 Well-Known Member

    I live in Green Bay and don't have 4G.

    When I tried at least.
  3. Andrejs5

    Andrejs5 Member

    Philadelphia Montgomery and Delaware counties 4g WiMAX used to work. Supposedly down right now because of current network upgrades.
  4. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    Coverage maps don't mean squat! It labeled my neighborhood as a "strong 4G area" yet it dies barely coming into my neighborhood. Don't trust coverage maps. You should get apps like sensory or carrier coverage.

    Also, wimax will never be expanded. It is almost dead and will be scrapped in just a few years. So, no more wimax expansion.
  5. wardnkathy

    wardnkathy Active Member

    I got a 4G signal in Lawrence, KS. I was on the northwest side of town.
  6. Prinny

    Prinny Resident Linux Nutcase

    Greenville, SC: No 4G.
  7. SuperAfnan

    SuperAfnan Well-Known Member Contributor

    I got 4g in Jacksonville but it's as spotty as smallpox. Dropouts are common and annoying.
  8. EazySteve

    EazySteve Well-Known Member

    I have gotten 4G in Marysville, CA once which I thought was a little odd
  9. TDOW

    TDOW Well-Known Member

    I have had 4G in Irvine, CA, Westminster, CA and Santa Ana, CA.

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