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  1. MassiveNine

    MassiveNine Member

    So in a fit of rage, my phone somehow blocked my girlfriend when I was ending the call. I can call and text her but she can't do the same. I've tried doing in the settings of the contact list, but that has no effect. I'm assuming I blocked her through Google somehow so my question is how do I fix this? Also the phone is rooted and running on liquid smooth ROM.

  2. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    What does Google have to do with this? Are you using Google Voice?
  3. MassiveNine

    MassiveNine Member

    No I'm not. Honestly I have no clue what Google has to do with it, but my girlfriend isn't to happy that she can't call me anymore lol
  4. valorian

    valorian Well-Known Member

    What exactly happens on your girlfriends side when she tries? Does she get some message back?
  5. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    You can block callers on the Verizon website but I can't imagine any way to do it accidently.
  6. MassiveNine

    MassiveNine Member

    When she calls it rings once and then goes straight to voicemail; when she texts it says that the message can't be sent. When we were trying to figure it out I would have her call me while she was sitting next to me and I could see that my phone recognized the call but denied it. What happens is my 3G and signal bars are usually blue and when she calls they turn white for a few seconds then blue again.
  7. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    I am sure you have tried hitting phone in the middle of the dock bar, menu, blocked callers.
    What does it show?
    Long press on a blocked contact, you can then unblock them...
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  8. jakob95

    jakob95 Well-Known Member

    Try to make a nandroid backup, and then reset your phone. See if that helps, if it doesn't its something related to Verizon.
  9. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    I don't think I've ever tapped Menu while in the dialer before.
  10. blackepoxy

    blackepoxy Well-Known Member

    Yes you can, you can block up to five numbers for each line for free. They can't call you but you can still call them if you want.

    Sign in to my verizon, mouse over the my verizon header on the top where explore shop and support are, then click on the manage verizon safeguards, then in the right column click on set up call and message blocks, choose the number you want to apply the blocks to, input the 10 digit numbers in the boxes, tick the box to block numbers on all lines, and click submit, if only blocking numbers on one specific line don't check the box that shows apply to all eligible lines.
    there you go.
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  11. BearGator56

    BearGator56 New Member

    Should be a pretty simple fix, actually:

    -Go to People
    -Find Contact and open
    -Under Options, it has "Block Caller" with a click arrow
    -Click it and disable
  12. Rag Tag Games

    Rag Tag Games New Member

    It's a very simple fix. Simply go to your Contacts, long press the contact you want, which opens a settings menu. From there, find where it says "Remove from rejected list" and tap that. Boom, no more blocked caller:)

    To block callers, simply tap "Add to reject list".

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