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Unboxing Camangi WebStation (it's a really amazing device)

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  1. alanho1688

    alanho1688 New Member This Topic's Starter

    Jan 17, 2010
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    My blog :Tomorrowland

    Open with excited mood, accessories and ID design are pretty nice.
    Can't wait to see how's WebStation running, here is the main screen.
    Ok, first to see Digital Frame from quick dock, I would like to use my family's. :)
    It doesn't have 3G build in, but I found Camangi has developed a 3G wizard app, it can support some 3G dongles type, I know Android doesn't have this feature, so Bravo! Camangi!
    Now let's see the Weather, it can set up any city in the world, so nice to know I can count on this feature every morning I wake up.
    Now my favorite, browser function on 7 inch screen, 7" size make all the webpage looks nicer than other smartphone(if you check on iPhone a lot, you know what I mean....). I like the device in my hand, it looks good, just a little thicker than iPhone, and very light, let me begin to hate my netbook. If I just want to check email or go to internet, WebStation will be my first choice.
    I saw a feature called "Lives" from the main screen, it looks WebStation provide some useful lifestyle information. I think this can help to kill some time while waiting to pick up my kids.
    I can't wait to download some Android application to my WebStation, let me share some of them I am using right now.

    Well, IPTV, which is my favorite. This apk called Lukluk, but this is just currently the choice in my pocket, there are too many apl can choose. But who cares! Important is content provider who support me to watch IPPTV on WebStation as much as I want.

    Lukluk APK download:http://www.box.net/shared/1tautk6iul[/FONT[/URL]]

    I also download MSN, Skype and Facebook. Stay online and updated with my buddies, but much better way is SNS multi-account accessible apk, any suggestion?
    MSN APK download:http://www.box.net/shared/gjhe214hnl[/URL]
    Skype APK download:http://www.box.net/shared/hym7ckdbe2[/URL]
    Facebook download:http://www.box.net/shared/ro1y5ngmtv
    And apk to adjust brightness directly, I love Android developers!
    Download : http://www.box.net/shared/mmtoijcve9[/CENTER[/URL]]
    WebStation doesn't have a video player build in, so I found a player called Meridian, well, it's not sluggish at all.
    Meridian download : http://www.box.net/shared/qn2egmnctc[/FONT[/URL]]
    Another my favorite, eBook function, WebStation also provide quick start as epub format, it's colorful! :) I doubt if Kindle can support color ebook with how much price?
    Music function, the feature is almost like Android's, but WebStation also have cover flow feature. What's most amazing me is WebStation has 2 speakerphone in the back, and the volume/quality is even bigger/nicer than my notebook!
    Anyway, I found some thing special in WebStation, I want to buy one mroe for my mom as a gift, but looks like it out of stock, don't know when can I have another one? Compare with rumored Apple tablet, iSlate, don't know when will come to the market, but the price with USD.600? What is Apple thinking? I still vote for Android, for its open source concept and aggressive developers. Go, Android; go, Camangi! I think in conclusion, WebStation has big potential to explore!


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