Unbrick Phone from LG Screen

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  1. magdiel1975

    magdiel1975 Active Member

    I did the steps and the process got to 100% then I restarted the phone but there is no service... How can I fix this?

  2. Plug in the phone and run lgnpst, look on the right side, if there is a bunch of 0's you need this guide:

    If on the side of lgnpst your phone number and other random numbers appear, you probably need to update your prl, this guide will help you:

    If you manage to get service but your phone number is wrong and not zeros I am working on a fix for this, hang tight...
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  3. magdiel1975

    magdiel1975 Active Member

    so which esn do I need to input in command.. I see 2 in whiterabbit.. one says ESN Hex...and ESN Dec?
  4. I just googled QPST and downloaded from the first link, works like a charm.
  5. macjay420

    macjay420 Well-Known Member

    Somedoood81 if you come up with a fix for the phone number thing plz let me kno
  6. smcguffee

    smcguffee New Member

    Hi, I take it from the drivers you mention that you have a windows machine. I got to the point of having the right key combination to get the software upgrade screen. USB finally is recognized, even though it's not in fasboot mode. However, it's recognized as a modem, and fastboot and adb don't recognize it. Anyway, what should I do after I get that screen on a mac?
  7. joneidy

    joneidy Well-Known Member

    Man on a MAC you will not be able to unbrick it. In order to unbrick the phone you need to run a program called LGNPST.exe. If you really have to do it on a MAC you will need to install windows as a Virtual Machine. Then follow the whole guide.

    Hope you get the phone back.
  8. krimeboss1000

    krimeboss1000 New Member

  9. Jeroentjee

    Jeroentjee Active Member

    aww mennn my pc won't reconize the LG in the S/W mode... Any ideas someone ?
  10. Reboot the PC. If that doesn't work reinstall the drivers.
  11. Jeroentjee

    Jeroentjee Active Member

    how do you uninstall the drivers :$ and which one, i'm on Windows 7 64 bit OS... I'm not a hero in computers but medium knowledge of the whole rooting/mobile phone thingy
  12. Crex321

    Crex321 Well-Known Member

    cdma workshop has a trojan virus in it...
  13. Crex321

    Crex321 Well-Known Member

    When I open up LGNPST it says "fail to load the Skin.DLL" :/ What do I do?
  14. srhscott

    srhscott Member

    i cant select the stock rom in lgnpst the bin file doesnt show up i need help
  15. zmann

    zmann New Member

    After being up half the night and trying again in the morning to stop that Lg logo from flashing. Why when i held the power, up, camera, and home button and pushed the battery in, the phone booted back up like nothing ever happened. The only change to the phone is no recovery
  16. sector4

    sector4 Well-Known Member

    type *.* as the file name and the bin will show up if it's in that folder.
  17. geoacosta23

    geoacosta23 Member

    This is what i got after i put the MS690.dll file on reggie.exe could you find out what i may have done wrong ? please i been up at this all night.:)
    ERROR: Unable to load [LGNPST_Utility5.dll] component
    path = Version = HR= 0x80040154
  18. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

    you need to turn off user account control
  19. geoacosta23

    geoacosta23 Member

    sorry thats the error i get when i locate the MS690.dll and MS690ZV4_26.bin in LGNPST.exe and press start
  20. Skizzy~Sketch

    Skizzy~Sketch New Member

    Thank You So Much It Worked. :-D
  21. AndroidHogs

    AndroidHogs Well-Known Member

    ok i have successful got the dll file to be recongnized all i need is a good bin file. cause i keep getting interrupted when downloading the ms690zv4.bin file. please help.
  22. new optimus

    new optimus Well-Known Member

  23. j_blaze14

    j_blaze14 Member

    it also works to remove battery, do buttons then plug in. right into emergency/dev mode. in lgnpst install scr, eri in emergency then prl. go to "meid fix" thread with qxdm and reprogram from all zeroes. you can skip the write esn line, probably won't work. then you're back to 2.2.1 stock. gingerbreak to root. easy way to downgrade from 2.2.2.
  24. tovida

    tovida Member

    Get your girlfriend to help you, it worked for me :D! Btw, thank you very much. Went very smoothly. This forum is the best place when you can get any help about android...downgrade from 2.2.2 to 2.2.1, root, fix your phone after you bricked it, what flowers to give to your mom for Mother's day...EVERYTHING! This website is going to be my almanac for future. Thank you guys, you are the best!
  25. andyr12345

    andyr12345 Member

    Hello I wonder if you can help me I seem to have bricked my LG Optimus Chat C550 Android phone by using a rom manager and it didnt like it. Now all I get when I turn on my phone is an LG boot screen and its stuck and the lights on the qwerty pull out keyboard flash on and off, the computer dont recognise the phone when plugged in by USB cable. Have tried your suggestion but my C550 has no camera button and the back key is not a key as such its a 'touch' sensitive key - the only proper button keys are the send and end buttons and the volume up and down button and the pull out qwerty keyboard - am I stuffed do you reckon? please help if you can I really liked this phone before I bricked it :(. Thanks in advance for any help/advice. Andy from Ireland.

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