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    Nov 15, 2011
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    unbrick micromax funbook alpha
    1. if completely dead not switching on just showing mmx logo inthat case download livesuit (google it)
    extract live suit to folder
    then download rom (note* any allwinner a13 rom will work coz mother board specifiactions are same now)
    her is recommended link android 4.0.4 ( dorkfiles.com/momo-9-boxchip-a13-android-4-0-4-rom/) password for download is tragidy
    now open livsuit select the downloaded img file.
    switch of your tab Press vol+ button and connect to pc.
    now start pressing power button 5-6 times until live suit pops up message with "yes and no" select yes option and rest all work liv suit wil do.. after flashing rom will start automatically.
    it's Chinese rom so select English language
    after that install cwm link will b posted soon
    after that u can restore ur rom backup or stock one via cwm


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