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Unbricked and now Gapps are not working at all!Support

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  1. Prettykewlguy

    Prettykewlguy New Member

    I bricked my phone trying to do the root with Odin and the pre-rooted .tar and then I unbricked it using the unbrick method but google playstore, youtube, and probably other apps don't work.


  2. Luciel

    Luciel New Member

    This is also happening to me, I had to manually install Google play store manually, but every time i try and turn on the program(s) it gives me this and other similar warnings, help any one?

    Screen shot of warning: [​IMG]
  3. Frozin

    Frozin Well-Known Member

    Use titanium backup to make them system apps
  4. Fabman95

    Fabman95 Well-Known Member

    Yeah that has been a problem with the rom you use to unbrick the attain. It doesn't have youtube or google play store installed so you have to manually install them in the /system folder. Or, just use titanium backup to do it :D
  5. johnburnsjr79

    johnburnsjr79 Member

    can you tell me how to do that
  6. Frozin

    Frozin Well-Known Member

    Download titanium backup, open it find google playstore press and hold for a menu, go to make system app.

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