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Unbricking help please.

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  1. mtbrion

    mtbrion New Member

    Ok, so whats the difference between soft/hard brick? My phone will start, but it freezes on the screen that says Samsung Galaxy S Blaze 4G Exclusively from t-mobile after the load bar completely loads. I used odin and tried to restore the original .tar using the tutorial http://androidforums.com/blaze-4g-a...ead-return-stock-fix-soft-brick-4-9-12-a.html. It gets stuck on "SetupConection..." and wont go any further. I started by turning it on in in download mode (at least i did the steps, hold both volumes+power, but it wouldn't make it past the screen described above then either) then plugged in and hit start in odin. Any body wanna help me out?

  2. Atma

    Atma Well-Known Member

    Hi mtbrion. Did you ever get this straightened out?

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